3 Great Diet Smoothie Recipes That Actually Work

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Smoothies, especially homemade are a great help to anybody trying to lose weight. It reduces your urge to eat and makes you achieve your weight loss goals faster. Researches have shown that those who consumed soy based smoothies lost weight three times faster than those who consumed the same calories in a normal diet. So here are three diet smoothie recipes that will help you get started today.

Myriad Forms of Smoothies

Apricot Pineapple Smoothie

This is a great testing diet smoothie recipe. Crush a pineapple and take about ¼ of a cup. Take one apricot and dice it. Now cut a banana in two halves and take one half. Finally take six strawberries and put all the fruits together in the blender. Now, add one cup of water and one cup skim milk. You could also add one tbsp of protein powder to it, to make it more nutrients dense.

Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

This diet smoothie recipe is the easiest to make but it is equally beneficial. Take a frozen banana and six strawberries. Put it in a blender with one cup water and one cup skim milk. Again you can if you want add 1 tbsp of protein powder to the mix.

Banana-Orange-Strawberry Fruit smoothie

Slice a banana into half, freeze it and take one half. Add half a cup of orange juice and six strawberries and put them all together in a blender. Now pour half cup water and half cup skim milk into the blender and blend the diet smoothie recipe well. 1tbsp of protein powder remains optional.

Diet smoothie recipes give you a fun and healthy way to lose weight. They come power packed with fruit fibers that keep you full for a longer period of time so that you do not binge eat. Thus your daily calorie consumption is much less. The whey proteins in the smoothies also encourage weight loss. You remain stocked in nutrients but lose weight at the same time.

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