5 Best Jamaican Dresses for Women 2019

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Reggae is a stem of Caribbean music which represents Caribbean and African culture and the Rastafarian religion. It is becoming increasingly popular in the present world because of its influential power.

It originated in Jamaica in the late 1960’s. The word reggae itself is a Jamaican term for Ragga which could mean Ragged, Street rough and in some ways it signifies poor people struggling. The word reggae may have first appeared in the song “Do the reggay” by the Jamaican group, the Maytals.

This is a quote from the singer Derrick Morgan speaking about the origin of the word Reggae “We didn’t like the name rock steady, so I tried a different version of “Fat Man”. It changed the beat again…. It sounded like ‘reggae, reggae’ and that name just took off. Bunny Lee started using the word and soon all the musicians were saying ‘reggae, reggae, reggae.'”


Riviera Sun Tie Dye Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress


Rasta Maxi Summer Dress for Women Long Sundress with Removable Straps


Rasta Sundress for Women Rayon Cap Sleeve Summer Dress


Womens Marijuana Cannabis Plant Marihuana Leaves Sleeveless Dress


Rasta Striped Halter Tie Back Mini Dress

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