5 Best Rasta Shirts for Women 2019

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There are several brilliant artists who have made it so much popular across the globe with their brilliant compositions. I have all the praise for artist like Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and King Tubby who have made large contribution in the development of Reggae music but one artist who has made it world popular is my Favorite Bob Marley. Truly, He is the king of Reggae Music. With his Group Reggae The Wailers, He made a Album called “Burnin”. The album has hit the country with its brilliant songs. This album has spread the popularity of reggae music to all over the world. It was because of this album that reggae has got recognition all over. After that Bob Marley individually launched a new album called “no women, no cry” and that was another huge success. This song has brought Bob Marley to the world known. This album made him famous all over the world. In 1977, again he hit the country with his album “Exodus” which is known as one of the best album of Bob Marley.

Awkward Styles Women’s Rasta Leaf Off The Shoulder Tops for Women T Shirts Marijuana Leaf Pot Leaf

Wear our Awkward Styles Rasta Leaf Off The Shoulder Tops for Women T shirts to show that marijuana leaf is your thing. You will get many compliments thanks to this colorful Rasta design. This Rasta color Marijuana Leaf design is perfect for any occasion to be yourself.

Bob Marley Flower Soft All Over Juniors T-Shirt

Bob Marley smiles on this beautiful juniors t-shirt with a sublimation dyed print. Bob’s surrounded by colorful flowers, feathers and scrollwork, as well as the words ‘peace’ and ‘love’ on a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend fabric. A colorful and stunning Bob Marley t-shirt.

Bob Marley – One Love Faces Juniors T-Shirt

The many faces of Bob Marley appear in a One Love color-bars graphic on this black cotton juniors tee. Just for fans of the reggae legend to feel alright.

Bob Marley – Lively Up Guitar Juniors T-Shirt

Zion Rootswear brings this black, 100% cotton juniors t-shirt featuring Bob Marley playing in a classic black and white concert still surrounded by a multi-colored collage and a “Lively Up Yourself” logo. A tee with a semi-transparent print perfect for any serious fan of Reggae’s Rastafari prophet.

Bob Marley – Stir It Up Juniors T-Shirt

Bob Marley looks like he’s having a good time in this black and white photo that’s backed by lyrics from the love anthem ‘Stir It Up’! A black, 100% cotton juniors t-shirt that’ll have you swooning with One Love

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