5 Reasons To Say YES To A Jamaica Vacation

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The most popular island of the Caribbean by far, Jamaica has a wide assortment of activities and places to see for tourists. With a hot and humid climate and many of the resorts located right on the coast, this is a perfect spot for a relaxing vacation. Prior to heading off to your extravaganza, here is some Jamaica travel information to help you out.

With beautiful white sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife, Jamaica is full of activities to keep you entertained on vacation. Kingston is the capital and to many people’s surprise, is quite elegant. It contains old-colonial houses that lie against the backdrop of gorgeous mountains. Taking a trip to Kingston is a well deserved day on your vacation to see what Jamaica is all about.

When traveling to Jamaica, the two hotspots for tourists are Negril and Montego Bay. Negril boasts a seven mile beach, which is one of the longest in the country, and it is full of water sports and activities to keep you busy. Located on the western tip of Jamaica, the famous beach stretches from Bloody Bay in Hanover to the Negril Point Lighthouse in Westmoreland.

Just a few of the activities you can enjoy in the water include kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Outside the water proves to be just as exciting with horseback riding, hiking and bicycling on the many bluffs.

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s fourth largest city with a population of about 120,000. Located on the northwest shoreline of Jamaica, this city overlooks the gorgeous deep blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. You will find more hotels and resorts in this city than any other in Jamaica, and for obvious reasons. There is so much to do in Montego Bay that the only concern you will have is getting to everything that is offered.

As with Negril, there is a plethora of water activities you can partake in. There is kayaking, snorkeling, beautiful white beaches and yes, even horseback riding in the shallow sea. Inland you can enjoy golf, clubs, restaurants, and tours. You simply cannot go to Jamaica without stopping by the Bob Marley Experience and Theatre because after all, Bob Marley is a large part of Jamaica.

This is just a small piece of Jamaica travel information that you can enjoy on your vacation. While Montego Bay and Negril are the top tourist locations, there are many other gorgeous places throughout the island that are well deserving of a vacation stop. From your resort to the many activities and sites to see, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy your vacation on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

A Jamaica vacation has much to offer so it’s easy to understand why so many people want to visit Jamaica at some point in their lives. The beautiful weather, picture-perfect beaches and wide range of activities to keep almost anyone busy has led to Jamaica becoming a top vacation spot in the world. Here are 5 enticing reasons to make your next vacation a Jamaica vacation.

1. Beautiful weather

Prior to traveling anywhere on vacation, taking a look at the weather is essential. There are certain locations where weather typically follows a trend, like the Jamaica weather, but it is still vital that you take the time to look into the future forecast. This can help you better prepare for the weather that you will face.

The weather in Jamaica is generally warm and sunny, which is one of the primary reasons that it is such a popular vacation spot. In addition to the gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches and unique culture, Jamaica is the perfect place to go on vacation. No matter what the weather “typically” is, it is still crucial that you’re aware of the weather conditions.

The reason for this is the weather occasionally varies from time to time. There are times of the year when it is more likely to rain. The last thing you want to do is plan a weeklong vacation and have to stay in the hotel because of poor conditions. Although it may seem highly unlikely, the possibility exists for Jamaica weather to ruin your vacation.

Another reason to check the weather conditions is for extremely high temperatures. Many people plan vacations to Jamaica because of the warm climate in Jamaica. However, when temperatures are too high it can quickly become unbearable. Even by checking the temperatures for the various “seasons” you can get an idea for when to plan a vacation. If you’re going in the middle of summer, the heat can be quite hard to deal with but of course the prices to fly will be much cheaper.

Weather also affects what type of clothing you bring along with you. Jamaica weather is easier to plan for than most destinations because typically you need warm weather clothing and plenty of bathing suits. But if rain is in the future forecast, it is wise to pack a light coat or some jeans. This will help you to keep as warm and dry as possible, which you wouldn’t normally say when talking about Jamaica.

There are numerous places where you can get information about weather conditions before going on vacation. One of the easiest sources online is the Weather Channel website, where you can type in Jamaica and quickly view the upcoming weather. Many Jamaican travel sites and resort sites have weather information for you to look at as well.

Although it may seem outlandish, checking the weather in Jamaica prior to traveling can save you the trouble of taking a wasted vacation. Even on the beautiful island of Jamaica, the weather can become dark and rainy. Taking the time to check out the Jamaica weather forecast before leaving home will help you both in terms of planning your vacation and giving you an idea of what to pack.

You simply cannot say it enough… the Jamaica weather is absolutely gorgeous. With Jamaica being in the Caribbean, you will experience weather like none other in the world. Generally it’s not too hot and definitely not too cool, which allows you to get maximum relaxation while on vacation. You can put on your bathing suit and lounge carelessly at the beautiful beaches Jamaica has to offer.

2. Jamaican beaches

With beautiful weather you know there are a number of beaches to choose from. In Jamaica, you’ll find it hard to run out of choices if you’re looking for a beach to enjoy. Many hotels are located right next to beaches, giving you quick and easy access. And there are numerous activities to keep you busy on the beaches from snorkeling to parasailing to just lazing under the sun. While there are many things to do in Jamaica, it is the weather and beaches that reel in most vacationers.

3. Wide array of activities

For many, the beaches alone sell because of how gorgeous they are. But to make your Jamaica vacation truly diversified there’s a wide array of activities that you can partake in away from the beaches. From horseback riding to whitewater rafting to world-class golfing, you’ll never have enough time to experience everything that a Jamaica vacation has to offer.

4. Mountain ranges

While Jamaica is most known for its beaches and gorgeous water, it surprisingly has beautiful mountain ranges as well. During the day you can head out on a hike through the different trails and experience scenery like nowhere else in the world. And if you wait around long enough, you’ll witness some of the most breathtaking sunsets on earth.

5. Many lodging options

Sometimes the lodging you opt for can have a significant impact on your vacation. Fortunately, there are many lodging options to choose from allowing you to plan the perfect Jamaica vacation. For many, the bed and breakfast option is preferred because it allows you to enjoy a relaxing vacation and truly get to know the culture and people of Jamaica. There are a number of mid-class hotels to choose from as well. And don’t forget the number of world class all-inclusive resorts that caters to your every need… and then some.

In all fairness, no other vacation can be compared to a Jamaica vacation. From the white sandy beaches to the mountain ranges to the varied lodging options, you will definitely leave satisfied when you take a Jamaica vacation.

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