5 Tips to Consider When Choosing Plus Size Yoga Pants for Your Workout

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Don’t be fooled and think that yoga is an easy going exercise. If you come into a legitimate yoga studio thinking that the next hour or so is going to be a breeze for you, think again because you may be in for a workout of your lifetime. Just like any other exercise out there, yoga will get your heart rate up and you will PERSPIRE a lot as a result. The saying “If you look good, you will play good” cannot be so true in this regard because having a killer outfit will boost your confidence and ego and being comfortable while you are working out is key to having short and long term success. On the off chance that you are slight larger than most women out there, don’t worry girl because we have you completely covered. Nowadays, there are so many great brands out there that produce the finest yoga pants. We have a lot of them available in our website and these yoga pants get great reviewed believe it or not.

Ask Yourself Is It Comfortable?

The first question you should ask yourself is whether the plus size yoga pants you are getting is going to be comfortable enough for you to endure long hours of stretching and staying in strenuous positions. You have to make sure the pants you are wearing give you no limitations in terms of movement. Because most yoga pants are made of special material, you will be able to do all the free poses while being comfortable. This is a tremendous advantage because doing exercise in other type of pants may give you wedges and you know this is very embarrassing especially if there is someone doing yoga behind you.

How Does it Look? Is it Stylish?

Maybe couple of years ago when plus size wasn’t such a popular thing as now, plus size women were very limited in terms of choice when it came to plus size yoga pants. However, with so much activists around the world fighting for body positivism, these yoga pants are now available in so many styles and colors. This only means that we as consumers now get to choose from more choices and will be very beneficial for plus size women out there. We have recognized and seen many famous brand name designers like Forever 21 and H&M focusing on plus size market so the future even seems brighter than ever.

Is it Durable?

Because yoga pants (assuming that they are of good quality) are usually made with strong fibers that stretches and absorbs sweat, when you invest in a good pair of yoga pants, they will last you a long time. We don’t know about lifetime because no yoga pants will last a lifetime but we are pretty positive that they will last you several years at least. Just like cars, yoga pants will suffer some sort of wear and tear damages and they aren’t perfect. However, when you invest in a good pair of yoga pants, you will enjoy them for several years to come. So the lesson here is, don’t play too cheap!

Is it Functional?

You know that terrible feeling you get when you finish your workout all happy and at home you see really bad acne as a result of sweat blocking your pores? As we aforementioned, when you are doing yoga, just like any other exercise, you will end up sweating a lot. So you really need to look for special type of clothing that will absorb all this moisture and that is where fully functional yoga pants comes in. When you wear these pants, not only will you be able to move freely but you will also feel good because it will allow your skin to breathe normally. This is very important because you don’t want to overheat which may cause exhaustion and in some worst cases make you faint.


Plus size yoga pants come in different variety and also in different pricing structures so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on these. We have found many under $20 or some of them got great reviews. If you want to really get into yoga and invest extra few bucks, there will be options that will cost you close to a hundred dollars but these are made with functional fabric so your money will not be wasted. We really hope these tips helped you choose the right pair of plus size yoga pants. Until next time hope you will all have a fabulous yoga workout! Namaste!

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