Cheap Glass Bongs at Clearance Sale

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Cheap glass bongs are usually purchased at smoke shops but nowadays, you can find many reputable quality bongs online also. For cheap glass bongs, you might want to make sure none of the parts of the bong touch the flame because there is nothing worse than inhaling bunch of plastic fumes into your lungs.

So Why Bongs Over Pipes?

Bongs use water to filter out toxins whereas with pipes, you are ingesting everything without filtering anything. Some bongs may use filters and water to clear out smoke. Some bongs may have more than 2-3 filters. These filters are great except when you are cleaning them. The more complicated a bong looks, chances are it’s more harder to clean them. So unless you are incapable of using water bongs at your location, we strongly recommend going with water bongs over pipes any day. Mainly for health reasons but also when you filter with water, smoke is much smoother.

What Are Recommended Glass Bongs?

Notice we are stressing that bongs be made of glass instead of plastic over and over again. That is because ingesting plastic fumes just about the worst thing you can do for your body. No matter how expensive your bong is, if it is made of plastic, when heat touches it, it will melt and you will inhale most of the toxic substances that come out from it. So we are telling you to go for glass over plastic bongs any day of the week.

So which are recommended glass bongs? Well, we like the ones that provide enough space from water and the top inhaling point because we want to make sure it filters out not all but some of the toxic substances which come out from burning grass. Below we have tried to compile glass bongs that are affordable and made with quality. Check them out below.

Notable Tips For Buying Cheap Glass Bongs

1) If reviews are available for the product you are getting, try to go over them as much as you can. You will find lots of critical information there.

2) Remember that glass is FRAGILE! Even though I try my best to take care of my glass bongs, I always break them. So before you spend your cash on them, make sure you are aware that these are extremely breakable and you will most likely break them at some point. So don’t spend too much money on them especially if you are first time buyer.

3) Bong water gets old so you will need to change them out frequently. When your bong is too small or too big, this will be difficult. When your bong is too big, there is a chance you might break them on your way to throwing the water out. If it is too small, all the tar may get stuck and you may have a hard time cleaning them for a perfect smoke. So make sure you learn about your purchase before actually spending money on them.

4) If you are buying bongs with peculators, they will be harder to clean as I mentioned above. You will get lots of resin stuck in that small area and you will need special salt and alcohol solution to get rid of them or buy 420 solution to get rid of them.

5) If your bong is too small, water may get into your mouth which is the most unpleasant experience ever. Make sure your bong is tall enough to avoid water from getting into your mouth.

6) Bongs that are wider at base are more sturdier. Some bongs are not built for balance and you may spill water or break them completely. Make sure they are sturdy and able to withstand small impact. They are your investment afterall.

  • If you are wondering about legality of purchasing these bongs online, they are 100% safe. Even Amazon is selling them.
  • Try to check what other people have to say about bongs you are buying. Users with experience are best when it comes to buying something.
  • Cheap glass bongs are good if they are made with quality. Make sure to buy quality over quantity.

Art Collectible and Investment

Did you know some people actually collect glass bongs? Some glass bongs run upwards up to couple thousands and this is because some famous artist made them by hand or has some significant artistic value. So these are not considered just smoking accessories. Some people collect them for value!

Hot Sale Purple Base 8.5″ Tall

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  • If the product arrives damaged, customers need to send us photos by email, we will replace it free of charge.Picture is requested
  • 14mm
  • 8.5 inch tall
  • Same as pic

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