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Rasta Colors Reggae Artists

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So what truly defines the rastafarian colors?

To make the long story short, Rastafarians from long ago adopted the colors red, yellow, and green as the color of the rastafarian movement.

…the very same colors of the Marcus Garvey movement back in the early 1900’s.

Recall that much of the rastafarian belief came from the teaching of Marcus Garvey, so, it is no surprise that they adopted the colors of the movement as well.

This is a sign of their total commitment Garvey’s teachings, especially his back to Africa idea.

If you listen carefully to many Rastafarian reggae artists today, you will hear them singing about “going back to Africa.”

Marcus Garvey’s message was one of hope for all blacks around the world.

Even though his effort to unify them came up short, the rastafarians took hold of the idea and has kept it alive today.

So, What do each color represent?

The red stands for the blood of black martyrs that were shed around the world during their struggle for liberation, equal rights, and justice.

Yellow represents the wealth of the homeland, Africa, particularly the gold.

…and finally the green represents the beauty and the vegetation of the promise land, Ethiopia.

So there you have it, colors of significance to the rastafarian movement.

The next time you see a ‘true’ rastafarian, look for the colors. More than likely he or she will be wearing a hat, a shirt, or an entire outfit of some kind signifying his/her total commitment to the movement.

1. Bob Marley

Whenever I am feeling depressed with reality, I like to put on Bob Marley Legend and dream about a better world. I know clearly what it is like to be a hippie and rasta because I grew up near San Francisco. Bob Marley has managed to capture the virility of life, the spirit of youth and rebellion which is lacking from this modern life. The Wailers did more than revolutionize music – Bob Marley and his band with their groove and deep bass hooks helped to transform life for the better for all of us.

Bob Marley Legend was one of the first albums I’ve heard after college, which is late by many standards. Many people started their love affair with a band when they are much younger. Something about the smooth, timeless groove of the Wailers made it perfect to just sit back and chill out after a stressful day. It is just the mellowest thing possible, and I can’t imagine how I can live without those breezy melodies anymore.

Although he is admired by fans of all kinds, Bob Marley music was meant to bring to the world’s attention to the plight of average Jamaicans living under tight poverty as well as political disenchantment.

Bob Marley himself always triumphed for noble causes such as independence for Jamaica and the rights of ordinary people, and his radical spirit is still fresh in the songs that recorded. Wailers songs are not just meant to be heard as party music, although of course, they can be lots of fun at parties too. Bob Marley music makes you feel a thirst for justice and peace, and sow the seeds of hope for a better world.

2. Toots and the Maytals

3. Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh, OM (born Winston Hubert McIntosh; 19 October  1944 – 11 September 1987) was a Jamaican reggae musician. Along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, he was one of the core members of the band the Wailers (1963–1976), after which he established himself as a successful solo artist and a promoter of Rastafari. He was murdered in 1987 during a home invasion.

4. Jimmy Cliff
5. Burning Spear
6. Bunny Wailer
7. Black Uhuru
8. Sly and Robbie
9. Third World
10. Lee “Scratch” Perry
11. I-Roy
12. King Tubby
13. U-Roy
14. Laurel Aitken
15. Mutabaruka
16. Culture
17. Big Youth
18. Wailing Souls
19. Desmond Dekker
20. Steel Pulse
21. Prince Buster
22. Scientist
23. Alton Ellis
24. Gregory Isaacs
25. Dennis Brown
26. The Skatalites
27. Harry Belafonte
28. John Holt
29. Linton Kwesi Johnson
30. Jacob Miller
31. Mad Professor
32. Aswad
33. Judge Dread
34. The Heptones
35. The Ethiopians
36. Ras Michael
37. Johnny Clarke
38. Pablo Moses
39. The Mighty Diamonds
40. Beres Hammond
41. The Itals
42. Sugar Minott
43. Prince Far I
44. Freddie McGregor
45. Yellowman
46. Max Romeo
47. Linval Thompson
48. Bryon Lee
49. Delroy Wilson
50. Dennis Alcapone

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