8 Camping Essentials List For Beginners

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Going for some outdoor activities for a week or so is fun but if you are not well prepared it can turn into a nightmare. But in most cases the goodness or the badness of your adventure will run down to one thing: what you carried with you and what you did not. It is that simple, you need to have all the essential camping items if you want your adventure to be fun. Whether you are going camping for the first time or you are used to camping, there are certain things you should never forget when you are going out. Check them out:

Sleeping bag.

It might sound romantic and fun sleeping on moss and leaves while you are with your loved one but when the sun sets you will definitely need more than that because the temperatures will not be very forgiving. You will need to keep you warm because depending on where you are camping the temperatures can go as low as 18 degrees or less. And not forgetting that most insect are very active when the sun goes down and your fun time maybe rudely interpreted by the insects. Leaving a sleeping bag while you are going out camping will be the beginning of uncomfortableness and if by any chance you try going out with kids without a sleeping bag, forget about having any fun.

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Camping tent.

Some people find it exciting, fun while others romantic sleeping under the light of the stars. Well, I don’t disagree but you still need a camping tent just in case. Things will not always be like you planned, you might be sleeping and then all over sudden there is rain and you are trapped, what will you do Or maybe am going too far, it might even not rain but you might find out that the place you are camping has heavier dew than you had anticipated, you will be exposing yourself to diseases or pneumonia.

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 On occasions like that, a camping tent will act as shield and from the rain and high winds that comes along with rain. Whether you will go for a two persons camping tent or a large style net, just make sure you bring one with you along with its necessary requirements like, rope, poles, stakes and rain fly

Canteen and a water filter.

Water is a basic need and we all need it to survive. While you are out there adventuring, you will in most cases be beating up some distance walking and this means you will need water more and more. Water in the lakes and rivers is not as clean as it appears and it can cause some serious diseases if you just drink it. It is wise to stock some fresh and clean water while you go out. A filter and some water purification tablets will be handy in case you need to refill your container from a spring nearby.

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Fire starter.

You will need to keep warm while you are out there and to keep warm you will need the necessary tools for that. You can start the fire with matches, flint and steel, a cigarette lighter or a magnesium fire starter. If you go for the matches, ensure that they are waterproof and it will be wise if you carry two or more fire starters just in case one fails to operate as expected. Carry some newspapers or some dry kindling because it can be hard to find dry kindling to start fire while you are out there.

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter

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First aid kit.

It is not like you are going to experience any accidents or anything while you are out there but it does not hurt to be prepared. Unexpected things happens and it is wise to be always prepared for them just in case you trip and fall and you be needing some bandaging. And by the way, hiking might result to some blisters and your first aid kit will be very helpful at a time like that. If you get some small cuts while probably cutting the ropes and you leave it untreated, it might result to serious problem because of bacteria but if your first aid kit is stocked up with everything you will be treat your small wounds and continue having fun with zero worries.

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit for Backpacking

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Pocket knife.

A pocket knife is a must have while you are out camping as it have a lot of roles to play. You can use it cut a fishing line, maybe trim a rope, dice a bait, use it sometimes to slice some cheese, tighten a screw, cut some tangled vines, or even open a package that is too tight to open with your hands. If you don’t have your pocket knife, some of those tasks will become very difficult to perform if not impossible which will leave you frustrated.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

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Rain jacket.

When you are out camping you will need to keep the few clothes you carried with you dry. If your clothes get wet and you continue using them it obviously unpleasant and it actually exposes you to certain dangers especially in places where hypothermia is a problem. A waterproof rain jacket will protect you from having to get your clothes wet. You might also want to add another flashlight to protect your gear.

Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Waterproof Rain Jacket

Waterproof, breathable and packable, this blustery day-MVP ladies’ coat is worked to shield you from downpour out on the trail and after that stow away into a side of your pack when the sun returns. An Omni-Tech layer consolidates with full crease fixing and a delicate work covering to keep you dry and agreeable both on the outside and inside.

A flashlight.

I know you will be having a camping fire but it is not enough because it will only help you see about 6 feet. If you need to go further than 6 feet in the dark then you will need you a lantern, headlamp or a flashlight. Furthermore when you need to find an item in your camping tent you will need more than the camping fire. When you need to visit the latrine a flashlight or a headlamp will be very helpful.

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