Balding On Top Of Head? Wig May Be Your Best Option Unfortunately

Balding On Top Of Head? Wig May Be Your Best Option Unfortunately

Balding on top of head for Black women can be quite embarrassing. Those afflicted with this medical condition try to hide it from their friends and family. Unfortunately Alopecia is a medical problem that victims have no control over. Instead of trying to sell our readers on fake solutions to treat your hair, we will be honest and blunt and recommend wearing a wig as best course of action.

What Is Alopecia?

Alopecia is a medical problem that is not contagious, and therefore others cannot contract it from us. However, the emotional pain of humiliation, frustration, and embarrassment tied to this condition can be devastating for those suffering from this condition.

What Causes It?

Genetics play a part in determining if a person develops alopecia.  Approximately 25% of patients have a family history of the disorder.

What Happens When You Are Affected With This Disease?

In alopecia, the affected hair follicles are mistakenly attacked by a person’s own immune system, possibly due to chemicals called cytokines. This results in the stoppage of hair growth and hairs suddenly sheding. For an indefinite period of time, the hair follicles are prevented from producing normal hair growth. Some studies show a link with between Alopecia and stress or trauma.

Societal Challenges For Those Suffering From Alopecia

Hair loss alters the appearance, and so alopecia sufferers are occasionally classed with certain groups. If a person has no hair, or what others consider to be too little hair, and wears it short as I do, observers make fun of them for not having hair.

Finding employment can also be a challenge. In a society that judges so heavily on looks, some employers can wrongly assume that you are going through chemotherapy or suffering from some serious medical condition.

Balding On Top of Head Can Hurt Your Feelings and Emotions

Thoughtless remarks from close friends and family can be devastating. This causes those with Alopecia from leaving the shelter of their homes. Since Alopecia can make a person look very old in comparison to their age, this takes a huge emotional toll.

Are Medical Treatments the Answer?

Medical treatment results varu from person to person. At best for some people, it takes a long time to get results, and often the results you get are not what you hoped for. Your hair may regrow, but it may be very fine-textured. Frustration may come if the balding spots start to show and the treatment that worked one time does not work again. Alopecia may then become a financial as well as an emotional burden for you.

Why Not Wear a Wig?

Most wigs are designed for women who want a change of hairstyle. Wigs designed especially for alopecia sufferers exist though they cost more.

Women have a greater choice of hairstyles to choose from.

Don’t Let Your Hair Ruin Your Day Try a Wig

Alopecia sufferers may become reclusive because of the way others may perceive them. For first timers, trying on a wig may be an embarrassing moment. But after you get compliments on your hair from people,  you will regret not trying out the wig much sooner.

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