Bamboo Eco Cotton Buds Swab Wooden Eco Friendly packaging – Recyclable & Biodegradable

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Plastic cotton buds have been consistently listed in the top ten forms of beach litter in surveys by the Marine Conservation Society. These cotton swabs that end up in landfills or the oceans can take hundreds of years to degrade and cause serious damages. The organic Bambaw cotton buds are biodegradable which makes them an eco-friendly option.

Photo Credits: Justin Hofman

Wildlife picture taker Justin Hofman was visiting Sumbawa—an island amidst the Lesser Sunda Indonesian island chain—on a gathering swimming endeavor last November when he recognized a seahorse clearing its path through the waters.

“The tide was changing and the seahorse more likely than not been spot on the edge of this tideline,” he tells Newsweek. “Also, as we were out there increasingly more the majority of this garbage began to come to through.”

At first there was common stuff—seagrass, little bits of wood—yet then the man-made waste began to coast by. Hofman spotted little bits of plastic and after that greater bits of plastic. At long last, there was crude sewage.

Indonesian flows are notoriously solid, so the refuse could have originated from an adjacent town or even have been gotten with the tide from 5,000 miles away. What’s more, since plastics don’t separate, it’s conceivable the refuse has been drifting around in the waters for quite a long time.

He snapped a group of photographs with his Sony camera, however not the same number of as he’d typically take. Hofman was anxious to make tracks in an opposite direction from the scene in light of the fact that by then “the water began to possess a scent like poop.”

Among the photographs he figured out how to get was one of a seahorse fastened around a cotton swab, which he as of late posted on Instagram. The picture is a finalist for the 53rd yearly Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award; the champ will be reported on October 17.

“My blood was bubbling,” he includes. “It was so baffling and irritating to watch this thing unfurl from something extremely charming and agreeable to extremely miserable.”


Too many plastic cotton buds are ending in our oceans and landfills, make the eco-friendly choice of using wooden cotton buds for a cleaner planet. These organic bamboo cotton buds are 100% biodegradable. The eco-cotton buds come in a come in a recycled paper box. This eco-friendly option is a great alternative to polluting plastic cotton swabs.

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