Beach Camping Tips 101

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The feeling of waking up on a sunny beach, excellent views, beautiful nature and breathing the ocean air makes beach camping just incomparable. If you are planning to go camping near a beach, find yourself a nice Campground by the beach and incorporate these few tips and be sure to have some of the best moments of your life.

Be sure to bring the beach specific supplies.

Just like any other camping, you will need the basics, I guess you already know them, the tents, sleeping bag, rain jacket, cooking ware and tarp among the other specifics that you never leave home without when you are going out camping. A helpful tip, don’t forget to bring along a dustpan and a brush. You will be needing them to brush off sand from your sleeping quarters which will be very occasional by the way. If possible bring along sand stakes because you are going to be needing them too. These necessary tools will help you avoid frustrations which are associated with sands on your tent.

Sun prep is important.

It is obvious that if you are going for Campgrounds by the beach they will be surrounded by expansive water bodies, so you should be prepared that the sun is going to be reflecting the waters and on you too. But if you have managed to get a site that already have a shade then good for you because there will be no troubles with the sun reflections. If you have not secured a site with a shade it will be wise if you plan ahead.

If you for example you have a luxury car, it will be wise if you consider adding a beach umbrella to your gear. The umbrella will be vital when the midday sun starts “raining” down on you and you have no other place to go since your tent will not be an option. Remember to carry your sunscreen, you don’t want to ruin your camping with sunburns, do you?

Track the tides.

If you are going to be camping beside an ocean it is obvious that you need to be aware of the tides and be prepared.  It is vital to ensure that before you pinch your tent, you are as far from the high tides as possible. Do some research about the place you will be camping and familiarize yourself with the tides prior your trip to the beach. I know you might be tempted to pinch your tent right there by the water thinking it will be fun but it won’t be so much fun when your tent is swept away by the water while you are sleeping. Maybe you can use the help of apps that will help you track those tides. They are plenty of them on the internet and all you need is search and get help.

Bring along a sun shelter.

Even if you are the greatest sun lover, you will need a break from it sometimes and not forgetting that the taste of some foods can be ruined by staying under the sun for far too long. If you are blessed to have enough space it will be wise to pack a collapsible sun shelter. It will protect you from the sun and in addition to that, it will be very useful to act as a refuge in case of rain and protecting yourself from the mosquitoes which are very common on the beaches. Most of the shelters available on the market are big enough to accommodate several campers which makes them a perfect place to come together, play some card games, take some meals together or just a place to nap.

Stay away from the sand dunes.

The sand dunes are pretty and everything but their prettiness should not make you want to be close to them. The sand dunes usually have vegetation that are easily negatively affected by the interference of human beings. There is also the possibility that there are sands and rocks that can easily slid down and pose some dangers to you and your family. Feel free to admire their magnificence from a distance but avoid being too close to them for their sake and of course for your sake.

Keep your things inside.

The day might be very hot but when it comes to the night times things might not be the same. There might be passing showers or even serious rains. It will be very wise to keep everything you prefer dry inside when the sun goes down. And even if there won’t be any rain the dew that is normally in the campgrounds by the beach is heavy and in most cases it will make the items you leave outside wet. So when the sun goes down be sure to put up your rainfly and keep everything inside.

Know your water.

It is very important to stay hydrated while you are out there camping. However, even if you are surrounded by expansive water bodies you will still need to pack up some water. The ocean water is usually salty and not safe for consumption so unless you are completely sure you are going to supply of water from a friend or family be sure to pack up like 20 liters of water at the back of your car.

 If there is a stream nearby that have clean water, maybe you can just buy some water purifiers or water cleansing pills and get supply from there. Do not be tempted to drink the water as it is because no matter how clean it looks it might still pose some health problems to you. The last thing you want is running to the washroom every now and then because of stomach issues. It is better you be safe than sorry, right? One last thing, make sure you maintain the cleanliness of the beach because that is your duty.

Happy beach camping! And do let us know how it goes in comment section.

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