Stoner Drawings


Stoner drawings are fun interesting and inspiring. Often times we count out stoners as artists but with power of marijuana, some creative art can come out from stoners. Colors become more vibrant and drawings become more captivating with herb. Stoner drawings utilize lots of bright green colors and illustrations that reminds you of the unlimited resources of universe. The characters that frequent these stoner drawings include rastafari or Jamaicans with dreadlocks who seem to portray traditional Jamaican values. They are often seen wearing rasta hats with dreadlocks and usually seen smoking herb in public places in their poses. Rather than shunning stoner drawings and artists as a second rate artists, we believe it is time to accept stoner drawings for what they are, power source of creative and vibrant energy. So next time you see pothead drawings, don’t look away. Rather pay attention and see what the artist is trying to say. We are pretty sure it will motivate and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

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