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Best Mobile Pioneer DJ Equipment Mixer

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After doing so many mobile gigs, setting up and tearing down countless set ups, I have reached a conclusion and that is, for mobile DJing smaller is always better. I used to think that carrying out Technics 1200s and vinyls were necessary but I was always hit with countless breakdowns and malfunctions from carrying so much equipment everywhere that I had to eventually think of something different to do the job.

Imagine carrying all this to your next event or gig. This Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 made mobile DJing so much easier. Carrying so much equipment is not only difficult, you may break something during moving and your next gig may be in jeopardy completely

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Professional DJ 4 channel controller – rekordbox

That’s when I came across Pioneer mobile DJ equipment and this made my life so much easier than before. After trying out so many different companies, I would have to say these are hands down the best controller on the market. You will know these are the best dj controller and mixer build if you ever tried other brands like numark denon ,reloop ,tracktor and many others brands.

The full size jog wheels, and closeness of the unit to the actual component gear makes this particular setup unique. Everything functions just as expected and more. The sound is incredible. The build quality is top notch – very solid. It will not break down on your way to your DJ gig. If you’re familiar with 1200s and/or CDJs, this transition will be a breeze. As a traktor user, and new to pioneer, I did not miss much. For $1200 or less, this unit is probably the best DJ controller you can buy. New Traktor S4 looked very appealing, but in the end, in order to get gear that is this close to club pro audio, this was the choice for me.

In conclusion, these are excellent controller , does almost everything , taking away one star because the mixer can’t take 4 inputs from a PC/Mac , only recordbox can use the mixer digitally, if you want to mix in other software you will need an external wire.

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