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Best Way to Store Weed And Its Brief History

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Best way to store weed can only come with experience. If you are new to smoking weed, you may not know how to store weed properly so make sure to read this. Back in the days, when weed was illegal in most States, weed was given to you usually in a zip bag from a dealer. If you ended up with old crusty weed, well that was your fault because you practically had no control over whatever you were getting.

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When medical cannabis law came into effect, many dispensaries used the push popper plastic jar such as the one here. These containers were good to get weed from your dispensary to your house but weed smell still remained with these poppers. Moreover, imagine how much plastic we wasted because of this method. So this old method was good but not recommended.

When you visited any of the dispensaries, I would say 99% of them used this method to store their cannabis in their shops. So when you went near these shops, you could smell the odor from many yards away. So this method was the only way to store weed before laws went into effect which made all shops carry pre-packaged weed at their shops.

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So I guess if you own a shop or if you purchase ounces of weed for your use rather than small amounts, I guess jars that you see above may serve its purpose well. You can even get ones with humidifiers inside. These are typically designed for cigar smokers but if you are planning to store your blunts or wraps in it, it will keep it fresh but won’t keep the smell out.

Technology has its benefits and in the field of cannabis storage, it has come a long way. So before we get into the best way to store weed, let’s briefly touch upon what we are getting nowadays from shops. Ever since law came into effect which made all shops to change their distribution system, we are now getting pre-packaged weed in bags that look like this.

This is good because it keeps weed fresh and smell is blocked out although not completely. Worst part of this is that we don’t get to enjoy any of the freebies that shops used to give out. For example, they used to give up 0.5 grams more on certain days. Anyways this is the history of how dispensaries did their best way to store weed and what we as customers are experiencing now.

So the best way to store weed? Well, check out these items below because they are designed to not only keep your weed fresh but it completely block out the smell. So you can kill to birds with one stone. Enjoy.

Smell Proof Bag – 11″ x 6″ Smellproof Odorless Stash Storage Pouch & Case – Eliminate Odor, Stink, and Smelly Scent in a Carbon Lined Airtight Storage Sack

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  • OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE OUR BAG AND SO WILL YOU – Not being able to smell a thing is believing! Over thousands of happy customers satisfied with their purchase – we’re confident you’ll love our bag too.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE – Small yet large enough to contain all of your essentials in one place, our smell proof bag measures 11″ x 6″, making it the perfect size to fit in any backpack or clutched in your hand
  • VERY WELL MADE – Every detail on this smell proof bag from the outside material, to the inside carbon lining, to the wrist strap, and velcro has been chosen to make the premium quality bag that just works and does what it’s supposed to do.
  • A GREAT GIFT BACKED BY A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Buy it as a gift for your husband, friend or for yourself. We’re confident that our bag works as advertised. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply reach out to us for a no-hassle money-back guarantee.

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  • ✔ THE PERFECT SIZE, FITS EVERYTHING – Equipped with dual mesh inner pockets (that’s 4 pockets!) and velcro + zipper closure, this smell proof bag provides endless space for all the essentials are more. Store your papers, pipe, grinder, vape, doob tubes, even jars!
  • ✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY, GREAT FOR TRAVEL – This large stash bag is premium 600D fabric (thick and ultra durable), water resistant, and extra spacious for travel – yet small and lightweight to fit nicely inside your backpack or duffle bag.
  • ✔ SUPER EASY-TO-USE COMBINATION LOCK – The built-in combination lock is so easy to use and customize to your desired code. Interlocking with no-snag zippers, the locking feature provides extra security and peace of mind – no kids or pets getting inside!
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – From the carbon lining to the no-snag zipper and combination lock, to the 20 premium 4×6″ resealable mylar smell proof baggies for 1/4 ounce storage — everything works, your satisfaction guaranteed!
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