Camp Kitchen Equipment – Which Cooking Equipments To Take Camping

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Oftentimes people get so excited for their camping trip, they often don’t put much thought into the cooking they’ll be doing. This can be a big mistake because once you’re out in the elements hiking, fishing or swimming, food will soon be on your mind! There is nothing worse than eating quick meat and cheese sandwiches for every meal. What you decide to bring will depend greatly on the type of camping you want to do.

For the group ‘roughing it’ not a lot of camp kitchen equipment will be needed. Oftentimes a cast iron grate to place over the fire is enough for these die-hard roughnecks. A dutch oven is usually a great addition to the camp kitchen as it can be used to cook nearly anything. There are dozens of recipes available online for cooking with a cast iron dutch oven over an open fire. A smaller sized skillet may also be something to consider, and don’t forgot a coffee tin for those early mornings!

For those camping with families the options are endless. The cast iron pie maker is a favorite of camping moms everywhere to make hot sandwiches. If staying in a campground, electric is often available and bringing along a portable mini grill gives the cook lots of options for dinners. This also works well with campgrounds that don’t allow open fires. Some other tools available to the camp cook are grills that sit over top the fire, and metal tripods to hang your kettle over the open flame.

For hikers, lightweight kitchen tools will be essential. Many outdoor stores offer an entire section of tools specifically for hikers that are both lightweight and can fit into the hiker’s pack. Waterproof matches will also be very necessary as there is no food without fire, and there is no fire without a good match to light it.

When camping, it’s important to be hyper aware of your fire and the weather conditions. If the wind is too high, many campgrounds will prohibit fires for the day, and never light a fire if there are trees nearby. There have been way too many forest fires due to irresponsible campers lighting fires. It is essential when out in the woods to not only know and obey the laws, but also have respect for the natural area you’re using. Remember, take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Camping Cooking Equipment

You won’t need the latest or the best gadget if you are as me, to add it to your list on campaign cooking equipments. The major point in leaning towards a camp is to free ourselves from the fast moving, hefty normal life to a peaceful location where there are no technology or electronic gadgets dumped as seen in the modern age. This is what a majority of the campers like us think. Camping is a great effort to enjoy the nature. It needs special words to describe your presence in a peaceful location with quite surroundings.

Good and acceptable camping cooking equipments are necessary for a trip to assure a perfect meal. The equipment should also be suitable for handling, in fact very convenient. There are various cooking equipments for camping that serve the purpose as well as provide a good meal. These equipments are dependent on the type of expedition we seek for. Your list on the campaign cooking equipments depends o vary factors such as your ability to bear them and carry, the required space and also the area you are putting stay at. Open fire are not allowed in few campsites. So it requires you to carry one Dutch oven or some the other drill types that are available for your meal.

Dutch ovens are used to prepare food for a large group. It is also easy and very convenient to carry. The Dutch ovens are meant for outdoor cooking alone. We can work on them easily. A number of recipes are available for Dutch ovens alone. They can be found over the internet. Grills and cast iron pots are the different types of cooking equipments available other than the oven.

And this is to all the hardcore campers! Setting a camp at the caravan park does not make up a camp with certain extras such as the fridge, camp kitchen, oven, freezer and stoves. But for the other people who carry family camp kitchens have a great camp instead. Camping on a cheap holiday may not the correct nature of camping. Because it always involves the energy and planning as cooking at such sites are really difficult. And hence the camping style comes to be the major factor to decide on. Once a consensus is reached on it, the next thing to proceed is to decide the camping cooking equipments needed that would suit the style.

Lightweight cookers are the best for hikers as they can be easily carried. Some families insist on not to carry any cooking equipments. They will have a tough time at the camp. Steel tripods for hanging the kettle, heavy camp grills to sit over the fire and pie cookers made of cast iron for toasting sandwiches are very essential.

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