Choose Hikergarden tent for your Family Camping

Choose Hikergarden Tent for Your Family Camping

Do you love to spend nights inside any camping tent? Are you fond of camping in odd and desolate places? Then you must gather all relevant information on camping tents. Yes, there are thousands of such tents around you starting from an easy 5 person tent to stand up tent for 4. But, if you are ready to choose the best of the lot, then the Hikergarden tent is ideal for you. Hikergarden tents have been accepted all over the world and every camper is satisfied with its performance. Let’s enter into the details of a camping tent and why the Hikergarden 6 person tent is chosen by millions of people worldwide.

How to choose your Tent?

Whenever you are planning to buy a tent, first check how many people are going camping. Buy a tent based on that, else you will be in trouble. You must assume a close fit in terms of tent capacity and will act accordingly.

Type of Tents based on Seasons

You can check 3-season tents or even 4-season tents as per your requirement. You can use a 3-season tent in the summer, early spring, and late fall. It will give you balanced ventilation. Any 4-season tent is harder and stronger than anyone. In case of turbulence or chilling winter season, it will stand upright against all odds. You will find mesh panels and a rain fly option also.

Camping Tent Features to Look Into

Choose Hikergarden tent for your Family Camping

Staying in a tent always gives a pleasant feeling. The camping experience is really awesome for those who love to enjoy their life. Whenever you are going to write Hikergarden tent reviews, these features will automatically come into action. Here are those:

Vestibule – Vestibule is a space between the inner and outer tent for storing gears. You need to keep your dirty wet boots and clothing in a separate place. A vestibule is of utmost importance and you should look into that.

Poles – Poles are important as it provides stability to your tent. You will find fiberglass poles that are less costly than aluminum or carbon fiber which are of high quality and costlier. Poles are attached to the tent by using clips or sleeves. The clip design is easier to make a tent strong. The inner tent becomes attached to the poles very easily.

Stakes – Stakes are those which pitches the tent into the ground. The stakes or pegs must be strong to fix the tent on the ground. Quality tent stakes will last for several years without any issue.

Rain Fly – Rainfly is the cover to protect you from rain. In some cases, a semi-fly is used for protecting the roof area. Lightweight tents use a single-skinned shelter but, a tent with a fly is the ideal option for you.

Floor & Ventilation – most of the floors are made from nylon fabric and it is called the bathtub floor where it will look like raised a few inches from the floor. Ventilation includes windows, walls, and mesh windows. It is also an important aspect of any tent.

Peak Height – if you plan to change your clothes by standing or want to have an airy tent, then always check the tent’s peak height. It can be a cabin-style tent or even a dome-style tent. But, you must check the average height at the middle of the tent so that you can stand up in the tent clearly or can remain comfortable inside the tent.

In the market, you will find a tent of multiple brands. Out of all, Hikergarden company is one of the best. You can check the tents and Hikergarden 6 person tent review might be useful for you.

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Hikergarden 6 Person Tent Review

Choose Hikergarden tent for your Family Camping


If you are planning to enjoy yourself with your family, then this is the best option for you undoubtedly. The tent can accommodate 6 persons and very spacious. You can have a mattress or sleeping bag whatever you prefer. This type of tent is ideal for any type of outdoor traveling or cam camping where you are moving with your entire family.

Easy Setup

The tent is very easy to set up and can be ready in 10 minutes. There is no complexity of the tent and it will take only a few simple steps to assemble it. You have to feed the poles only once as it is equipped with continuous pole sleeves and it is snag-free also. It is much stronger than the pop-up strengths and it can stand upright without any issue. The zippers are smooth as well as sturdy and will never be stuck whenever you will use those.


Hikergarden tent is not only waterproof but also windproof also. Be in in rain or in case of wind flowing speedily, this tent will not be uprooted under any circumstances. The frames are wind-responsive and enough stronger to fight against all odds.


Ventilation in any tent is the most important feature as you need to survive inside the tent for several hours. This camping tent has 1 large mesh door along with 5 mesh windows. These are enough for ventilation inside the tent. The Hikergarden tents are lightweight also. It can be carried in a bag and you can place it for any outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, etc.

Separated Room

Choose Hikergarden tent for your Family Camping

A curtain is provided to make separation inside the Hikergarden tent and you can enjoy staying in a separated room.


As it is very lightweight and portable to carry, you can carry the same to any other place. Although flexible it is made from durable material that will give you enough confidence to spend nights. It is a lightweight tent with a standing height for everyone’s convenience.

Customer Feedback

All of our customers are truly happy with the service of Hikergarden tent as we never compromise with the quality. All of our tents are equipped with modern amenities and you can be rest assured of all the items we have used in the tent. Even it is so light and portable that you can carry it by yourself from one location to another location very easily.

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