Some keys facts about a cold weather camping tent

Cold Weather Camping Tent Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

Ask folks who have done winter camping, and they will tell you that it’s a great experience. They will say that there could not be a better way to enjoy the fresh air and the serenity typical of a snowy utopia. Folks going on a winter camping outing need to pack several things. A significant one is a cold weather camping tent. How do they choose one?

The number of people tripping for winter camping

The tent must fit all the people going on the trip comfortably. A person can establish the correct size by considering whether the folks accompanying him on the trip will require extra space.

  • It’s not wise to buy a too large tent as it will lose much heat
  • The tent should have enough space to keep a heater

Fabrics and waterproofing

Tents mainly comprise polyester or nylon knit together securely. Both the fabrics have their pros and cons. Nylon is resistant to ablation. Polyester soaks less water and is less reactive to ultraviolet rays.

Folks can find out the resistance of their tent material by finding their tent code. A tent code of 70 is suitable for camping outside during the winter.

A tent that has undergone a DWR treatment is a good choice. Those who don’t get a ready-made one protected with this treatment and do it themselves.

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Some keys facts about a cold weather camping tent

A double-roof tent or a single-wall tent will suit folks who will be camping outside, on a campsite, mountains, or any other place. The single-wall tent will serve people who make multiple trips throughout the year better. The reason is that it weighs less than a double-roof tent and so is easier to carry over distances.


Some keys facts about a cold weather camping tent

A good number of winter tents have a vestibule. This discrete, roofed entryway:

  • Protects the winter camping gear against moisture
  • Does not let cold air enter the tent’s central living area

It’s excellent for storing all snowy equipment before retiring to bed.

A vestibule is almost a necessity for folks planning on camping in sub-zero temperatures.

Gear Lofts

Some keys facts about a cold weather camping tent

Many people going together will need a place to place everything to enjoy more legroom. A gear loft will serve this purpose.


Many cold weather camping tent models are integrated with advanced technology for protecting campers against the cold.

A case in point is a tent with ripstop polyester fabric and StormShield coating for waterproofness and resilience.

Another example is very light poles for a more effortless winter camping experience. These poles of metal alloy weigh much less than regular aluminum poles. Their Press-Fit technology facilitates pole assembly and is practical for folks putting camping in sub-zero temperatures.

A cold weather camping tent is of several types

The proper cold weather camping tent for a person boils down to what they will use it for.  There are:

  • Alpine outings winter tents
  • Family camp out and base camp winter tents
  • Lightweight mountaineering tents
  • Low-priced winter tents
  • cold weather tents with stoves

Next, we discuss three winter tents for sale on Amazon from these categories.

An excellent winter tent for alpine outings

Some keys facts about a cold weather camping tent

MSR Access 2 weighs less than 2 kg and is amongst the lightest four-season tents available. It’s very versatile.

  • The double-wall design endures sufficient snow loads and manages condensation practically
  • It serves winter outings with light snowfall, summer alpine outings, and damp seasons

As for livability, it’s a pretty roomy expedition tent for two people. It has enough width for two sleeping futons and trivial gear.

It also has two big doors and vestibules for easy entry for people and sufficient storage for poles, boots, and damp gear. There are also gear lofts and internal pockets for storing more items.

Some great features of this tent are:

  • The color-coded clips, poles, and webbing – They allow for easy setup
  • Mesh windows – They guarantee cross ventilation. Occupants can also close them to cut off the elements when they wish to
  • Mega-Durable – Big Easton Cyclone poles, Xtreme Shield waterproof coating system, and YKK zippers of stainless steel ensure that the shelter serves several seasons

An excellent winter tent for Family camp out and base camp

Some keys facts about a cold weather camping tent

Weight is less important when considering a winter tent for car camping. Intelligent tent design becomes essential.

The North Face Wawona 4 Tent has liberal inner space, a petite outer vestibule, and a sizeable dry-entry vestibule. It’s is a prevalent option for lengthy excursions in chilly conditions, base camps, and family camping. The superlight DAC MX pole set is sturdier and makes the tent highly steady in severe winter weather.

There’s sufficient space inside for four individuals to sleep comfortably. Inside height is enough for people to stand at ease or be seated on chairs. The great mesh front door enables excellent ventilation.

Some great features of this tent are:

  • Cohesive storage – Organization pockets are very convenient for people out camping. There are ceiling pockets for people to keep their lights, headlamps, etc. handy
  • Easy to pitch – The color-coded trims and poles make pitching easy and quick. As the tent is freestanding, people can pitch it sans the flysheet at lesser altitudes
  • A camper’s haven – The double-wall construction is excellent for camping

A superb winter tent that accommodates stoves

Some keys facts about a cold weather camping tent

The Outop Bell Tent with Stove Hole is a deluxe option for everyone committed to venture out camping, notwithstanding the climate! The thick PVC groundsheet is durable, and folks can unzip it. Thus, folks can roll the sidewall up to get renewed air and relish the breeze.

A diameter of 4m, a door height of 1.5m, a top elevation of 2.5m, and a sidewall of 60cm is enough. It accommodates a queen bed and a pair of blow-up mattresses. After putting these, there is ample room for people to move around. Moreover, the height doesn’t make the tent unstable in lousy climates. It’s firm in bad climates, and the tapered sides take good care of surplus snowfall.

The stove opening is at the top and doesn’t occupy much space. More? It’s great for keeping warm during the winter season. It’s undoubtedly amongst the best cold weather family tent.


A cold weather camping tent is popularly known as a 4 season tent.  It’s made to endure high winds and substantial snowfall in chilly winter conditions. This tent will be different from a 3 season tent. It will weigh more. It will feature sharp walls to ensure that snow doesn’t settle. The poles will be stronger. There will be more poles and pole crossings. The fabrics will be sturdier.

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