Debunking Common Feng Shui Advice Used For Marketing

Feng Shui is an amazing science and a number of masters, disciples, practitioners are growing at an amazing rate. As it gets more commercialized however, many of us are encountering lots of conflicting advice and the correct usage often gets lost through its marketing hype.

Companies market Feng Shui as being able to increase wealth, health, prosperity and fame at the same time. However, many of their advice is used for the sake of making money while ignoring all basic rules of Feng Shui. Reading this article will help you to see through some of the false Feng Shui advice for the sake of selling their products.

WRONG: Southeast is your Wealth Corner

RIGHT: Wealth Corner Is Determined By Your Kua Number

Most people’s personal Wealth/Success corner will differ, and there is no broad generalizations to tell you which one is right. We were all born unique, and real Feng Shui is well aware of this. For those whose Kua number is 8 or females with a Kua of 5, Southeast is actually your Total Loss Direction (the most inauspicious direction). If we were to follow the numbers/ratio calculation, 1 out of 2 people will have Southeast as a bad direction (e.g. Mishaps, Five Ghosts, Six Killings, Total Loss). In this case, placing a wind chime in the Southeast corner may do you more harm than good. Southeast corner is considered to be a wealth corner according to Later Heaven Sequence, but this depends on the person’s Kua number and every person’s number is unique.

WRONG: Crystals Can Be Used Regardless Of Its Position

RIGHT: There Are Positions Where Certain Type Of Crystals Should Be Placed

Crystals are great energy enhancers and in small quantities will benefit the user. However if you place irrelevant crystals in wrong places, this may actually invite negativity and illness. A person who places many crystals in North West sector of home without considering Feng Shui may trigger and amplify the Illness Star and bring about sickness to the entire family. So find out the correct positions for placing crystals instead of placing them irrelevantly.

WRONG: Red Is The Color Of Wealth And Should Be Used Everywhere

RIGHT: Red Is a Fire Element Which Should Be Used Moderately

Red is an amplifier and should be used in moderation as well as careful consideration. They are great for enhancing chi but must be used in small quantities. A person who paints her entire home office in red can accidentally paint the Conflict Star position in red and this is a recipe for a disaster. Having too much red in one area will upset the 5 Wu Xing Element cycle, and when there is no balance, bad Feng Shui will occur. Only times a lot of red will do any good is for the first few days of events that welcome a new beginning. This could come in the form of a store opening, Lunar New Year and marriages.

WRONG: No Clutter Mess-Free/Clean Home is Good Feng Shui

RIGHT: No Clutter Is Good Feng Shui But Your Home Must Feel Comfortable

While having a clean and clutter free home is good Feng Shui, don’t overdo it. Yes, you want chi to be able to flow freely in your home. Yes, keeping things clean and in good order is good Feng Shui. But having some form of ‘clutter’ to make your home comfortable is unavoidable. You don’t want your home to be so clean to the point where it seems ‘faceless’ that you cannot see it as an inviting place. You want your home to be a welcoming and comfortable place to live in.

Many so called Feng Shui Masters will say to keep your home as clean as possible, but having your children’s toys in your home for example is actually very good Feng Shui. Remember, home is a place of comfort and happiness. Some may consider toys as ‘clutter’, but it gives off good vibes, and this will help chi flow around your house naturally. Organized and well kept is good but too clean to the point where it doesn’t feel like home is bad.


Items that claim to give you good Feng Shui will usually have a marketing spin to sell their products and services, so always remember to take it with a grain of salt. When you empower yourself with basic Feng Shui knowledge like the ones we mentioned above, you will never fall for scams offering fake Feng Shui ever again.

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