Embarassed With a Small Penis? Try These Exercises to Enlarge It

Despite the reassurances from your partner or the pep talks that you give yourself, size does count. It’s an undeniable fact that the size of a man’s penis must be large enough to stimulate the vaginal walls and hit the G-spot to satisfy your woman. A bigger penis size also results in increased self-esteem, making you more appealing and more confident in bed. If you are currently dissatisfied with the size of your tool, you might want to continue reading.

Surgical vs. Natural

Surgical procedures as well as penis enlargement devices may be painful, risky, costly, and may yield results that are only temporary. Penis enlargement exercises, on the other hand, are safe, cost-effective and the results are permanent. Penis enlargement exercises work by expanding the Corpus Spongiosum and the suspensory ligament of your penis. Your penis will be enlarged by promoting more blood flow to the chambers, increasing its capacity, thereby increasing its size.

Penis Stretchers May Not Yield Results You Are Expecting

If you are looking for a permanent way to get hung, then it is important to note that exercises that increase penile blood flow and manipulate the penile tissue in a single direction will fail. While penis stretchers and extending tools can yield a longer penis temporarily, it will most likely make your penis skinny and not contribute to enlarged girth which plays a massive role in vaginal stimulation during sexual intercourse.

Circular Stretch Exercise

The Circular Stretch Penis Exercise is done by stretching the penis head from six to eight seconds. The penis head must be held firmly in an upward position. You must then gently rotate the penis counter-clockwise; this exercise can be done regularly for up to 25 times at a time but if you are new to the exercise, you should do it for a maximum of 15 times.

Penis Milking

Penis milking is another way to enlarge your penis naturally. This proven method is done by applying firm pressure to the penis with one’s thumb and index finger while it is at 50% erection. Lubrication is helpful in performing this exercise.

Power Stretch Exercise

If you are seeking for ways to enlarge your penis naturally, another type of stretching method you can try is the Power Stretch Exercise. The first step is to stretch the head of your penis outward and holding it between six to eight seconds. The penis head must then be pulled to the left and hold it from four to five seconds. You should be feeling a little bit of pressure on your right side. The penis must then be pulled downwards for another four to five seconds then pull it upwards, holding it between four to six seconds. The steps are then repeated so that the entire exercise takes about 15 minutes.

Always Warm Up Before Partaking In Penile Exercises

Lastly, it is important to remember that as with any other form of exercise, warm up activities are necessary. Wrapping your penis in a hot towel for about five minutes prior to exercising will prepare the tissues and facilitate blood flow.

Lovemaking becomes wonderful when you end up being able to fully receive and give pleasure; getting your manhood enlarged through these natural exercises will keep you and your partner satisfied in the bedroom.

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