Fun Activities to do When Camping

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Make your camping more fun

Camping outdoor can be really refreshing. To go out and spend some time with friends or family from the daily hustle of the world is the best feeling ever. You can spend a lot of your time meditating or playing fun games. Try new activities or dive into an array of hobbies that you used to love.

Always having a dull camping trip? Don’t know a lot of activities? Well, now you will know. Here are some really cool and refreshing activities discussed down below.

Enjoy the best time of your life!

Water Activities

If your campsite is located near a river, a lake or a stream, you can do a lot of water activities. Get your bathing suit on and get ready to have a lot of fun. The few games you can try are listed below:

–          Fishing

–          Swimming

–          Skipping stones

–          Boating

–          Diving

–          Go zorbing

–          Floating

–          You can build a sandcastle or sandman

–          Go tubing

–          Go water skiing

–          You can play volleyball or baseball

–          Snorkel

–          Ride a wavenumber

These are some exciting things you can do while camping. If your campsite isn’t near the water body, you can still do these for fun. There are also some cool suggestions which will really help if you go camping on a hot day.

–          You can attack your friends with a Squirt Gun.

–          You and your friends can start a water balloon fight

–          Make a makeshift pool

Sports and Physical Activities

Camping is not about lying down and being lazy all day. Get moving and go out. There are a lot of sports and physical activities you can do with your peers for fun. These are also easy sports and don’t require a lot of time to learn. You can choose one of your liking or which suits your style.

–          Kickball

–          Softball

–          Football

–          Baseball

–          Hiking

–          Riding Bikes

–          Horseshoes

–          Hillbilly golf

–          Ring toss

–          Frisbee golf

–          Lawn bowling

–          Soccer

–          Rock Climbing

–          Tree Climbing

–          Spelunking (caving)

–          Corn Hole

If you are going with your family and friends or a lot of people are on this trip with you. You can try these amazing games with them.

–          Red Rover

–          Hide and Seek

–          Capture the Flag

–          Sardines

–          Tag

Exploring Nature

The main reason people go camping is for nature. Because there is so much peace in nature and people like the comfort it gives. You can explore outdoor activities while camping. But make sure not to disturb the wildlife and don’t do anything stupid. Stay away from the restricted areas and never trespass.

–          Picking berries

–          Whittling

–          Bird Watching

–          Leaf collecting

–          Animal Watching

–          Nature gathering (cones, rocks, flowers, etc)

–          Having a Scavenger hunt

–          Collecting firewood or kindling

–          Finding a perfect walking stick

–          Bug collecting

–          Geocaching

–          Looking for evidence of bigfoot

–          Flower collecting


It has been witnessed that most of the people go camping to get away from the normal and stressing life. So you should just take it easy and relax. Here are some chilling activities for you.

–          Stargaze

–          Take a lot of naps

–          Swing in a hammock

–          Daydream and let your mind wander

–          Meditate

–          Do yoga

–          Get a massage

–          Listen and watch nature

Activities to play in the camp

As you are going camping so there is always a camp. And you have lots of time to spend in camp as well. Or you can be stuck inside due to rain. If you are getting bored then there are these activities to consider:

–          Board games

–          Card games

–          Makeup stories to tell each other

–          Crafting

–          Watch movies on laptops

–          Play on Ipad or mobiles

–          Snuggle

–          Read books or magazines

Or if there is raining, you can go dancing and play in the rain.

Around the Campfire

Whenever you go on camping, hanging out around campfire is a must. There are a lot of interesting activities while you are at that.

–          Play Truth and Dare

–          Reenact your favorite stories

–          Dance around the fire

–          Sing campfire songs

–          Tell ghost stories

–          Play the guitar or other instruments

–          Try out S’mores

–          Make colored fire

Nighttime Activities

Nighttime during camping can be really tremendous and thrilling. Stargazing is the best in the woody or jungle areas. You can play spooky games and do a lot of other activities at night too.

–          Go for a midnight swim

–          Play flashlight tagging

–          Make shadow puppets

–          Play hide and seek in the dark

–          Play glow in the dark bowling

–          Study the stars

–          Go for a nighttime walk

–          Release sky lanterns

Play Games

When you go camping. Your normal life zones out. There are not so many things to distract you or stress you out. There are not any gadgets you can use as a computer or television. You can play entertaining games and bond with your family and friends.

–          Card games are the best game for camping. You can easily carry cards in your bags and play limitless games with them. There are also other cards you can bring such as UNO, Fluxx, phase 10, Old Maid, Quiddler, Rook, apples to apples and five crowns.

–          Board games are also preferred while you are camping. It gets easier if you have round tables around. Also, ensure that you do not lose any of the pieces outdoors.

–          The other games like I Spy and charades are also ideal while you are camping if there is nothing else to play.

–          Always carry a notebook and pen. There are also games which you can play on paper.

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