Get Rid Of Feng Shui Clutter In Your Bedroom To Improve Your Life

Your bedroom is your ultimate inner sanctum where you are at your most vulnerable and a place where you will be recharging your chi. From a yin yang feng shui perspective, your bedroom should be more yin, quiet and peaceful. You need to feel protected and do not want distracting and powerful chi to disturb your rest. Therefore, there is a need to have a good circulation of chi to recharge you.

Feng shui clutter in any area of your home especially in your bedroom represents stuck, stagnant ‘chi’ or energy. The more clutter you have or accumulated over the years, the more sluggish the flow of energy becomes.

What is Feng Shui Clutter?

Basically, feng shui clutter is anything that you are not using at that very moment and it is lying around a place where it does not belong to.

These are often possessions that you believe are useful, defective items that you hope to repair, spares that you accumulate and unwanted gifts.

For example, a hammer left lying around in your bedroom is a clutter however when it is stored in a toolbox it is not.

Why feng shui clutter needs to be cleared?

Your bed is the most important part of a bedroom. You spend one third of your time sleeping on a bed therefore you must have a proper planning of feng shui bed arrangement. Bad positioning of your bed will result in restless sleep and ensuing health problems.

Feng shui clutter disturbs free flow of ‘chi’ in your bedroom. The reason is because your feng shui clutter has ‘chi’ of its own and when these items are not used daily, their accumulated chi energy can clog and interfere with the flow of energy.

How Feng Shui Clutter Impacts Your Love Life

Feng shui clutter in your bedroom has the strongest impact on your love life regardless of whether you are single or married. From a feng shui perspective, your bedroom is strongly affiliated with your marriage or romance.

If you are married, you and your partner’s sleep may be affected and this in turn can make both of you lethargic and irritable most of the time. This will constantly impede your relationship from having quality attention it deserves.

If you are single, a cluttered bedroom will make it more difficult for you to start a new relationship as the inactive chi hinders you from meeting someone new.

Therefore, clearing your feng shui clutter is a critical task and a potentially life changing process you must not ignore.

Items That Attract Negative Chi

Corners in your bedroom tend to attract and accumulate negative chi. If you have piles of old magazines, old newspaper or dusty mail, clear them away immediately.

Avoid placing dirty laundry or junk under, over or beside your bed. Keep your bedroom windows clear of clutter.

Common Reasons Why You Cannot Let Go Of Feng Shui Clutter

Common reasons for why you cannot let go of Feng Shui clutter are; feng shui clutter holds memories of past events or you hope that someday you might use it in the future.

People hold on to things that gives them a sense of hope or reminisce about the past. This reflect their insecurities about present life and prevent them from living in the present.

You have to learn to let go of your emotional baggage by getting rid of clutter. Getting rid of them will help you feel recharged and invigorated.

Easy Steps To Help You Get Rid of Feng Shui Clutter

1. Make a list of the locations in your bedroom that need clearing up. Do not start with the worst area of your bedroom, but rather start with places that has least clutter. That way, you will feel a sense of achievement to kick start the process.

2. Focus on the results of clearing feng shui clutter rather than focusing on the tedious process of clearing up.

3. Avoid getting sidetracked and do not backtrack when clearing up.

Following these simple steps will make you feel feel revitalized instantly.

Feng Shui Methods To Utilize When Arranging Your Bedroom

Position your bed as far away as possible from your bedroom door while being able to see the bedroom door from your bed. There are two reasons for doing so; the first reason being the farther your bed from the door, the more control you can feel over your space and your life. It is because you are not startled easily by the opening of your bedroom door.

The second reason for this feng shui bed arrangement is because not being able to see who is coming into your bedroom can keep you uncertain and on the edge. This can create imbalance and frustration.

The Secret of Good Feng Shui Bed Arrangement

Make sure your bed never faces the doorway directly. This is a bad feng shui bed arrangement known as the ‘coffin position’. The influx of chi or energy flowing from the rest of the house through your bedroom door are deemed too powerful to have a relaxing sleep.

Second, avoid placing your bed pointing to a toilet directly. If it’s possible, avoid even having a toilet inside your bedroom as toilets cause wealth and luck to be flushed away. In truth there is no ‘right’ place for a toilet, however in modern homes it is often unavoidable. The best way is to ensure your toilet cover is closed at all times in order not to let the chi inside the toilet into your bedroom.

5 More Tips For a Good Feng Shui Bedroom

Avoid having a window behind your bed

A window behind a bed signifies a bad feng shui bedroom. This arrangement makes a sleeping person vulnerable to yin spirit formation. Cold air from the night affects a person’s sleep and this in turn make a person grumpy and snappy.

Use calm, soothing warm colors for your feng shui bedroom

A good feng shui bedroom uses soft pastels in shades of beige, green, blue and yellow which are ideal for a tranquil and peaceful night of sleep. Stay away from bright colors such as red or orange as they will keep you from enjoying deep sleep.

Never place any living plants or aquariums in your feng shui bedroom

Flowers will compete with you for oxygen during the night and water from the fish tanks can cause moisture and dampness to your bedroom furniture. Your plants and aquariums should be placed outside the bedroom to prevent you from having health and wealth problems.

Keep your feng shui bedroom neat and airy

Open up the windows in your bedroom during the day. This is to allow good ‘chi’ or energy to flow freely around your bedroom. You should also ensure that your bedroom is free of clutter and well maintained. This is part of a good feng shui bedroom habit which will help to dispel stagnant ‘chi’ that may cause health and money related problems.

Avoid exposed overhead beams over your bed

Exposed overhead beams represent knives cutting across the bed, sending ‘sha chi’ or killing energy to the sleeping person. Exposed overhead beams represent a harmful and hazardous feng shui bedroom as it will cause family disharmony and incessant quarrels. The effect will be more potent if the overhead beams are structural.

You should implement these few simple feng shui bedroom tips to your bedroom and you will start to see a significant improvement over your life immediately.

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