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Build Quality: Hiland bikes build quality is ok for entry level bike. It’s good if you know how bikes operate and adjust everything before you go for a ride. Especially the handlebar, seat positioning and so forth.

Cons: Honestly, there were many reviews that said that chain CAME OFF within less than a mile of riding. This has been said by more than one reviewer and this may be the weakest link on this bike. But if you are mechanically able, you should be able to adjust it when you come off.

There were other customers who purchased Hiland Kid’s Bikes saying their peddle fell off and took much effort to fix it again. Both purchasers said their bikes rode great after these issues were fixed but that was after they took it to the bike shop and addressed these concerns.

Hand Grip: The hand grips are, let’s say ruff on the hands, but provide plenty of grip. You may want to use padded gloves when you ride these bikes. Check out some of their products below.

Pros: They carry bikes with exceptional design and colors. Value for the price is best in business. If you are looking for women’s mountain bike, this brand is the way to go. Their features, function and value is second to none.

At this time, all Hiland Bikes are sold out. We will relist their latest as soon as it becomes available. Thank you.

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