How to do the Pyramid Pose Yoga

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Pyramid pose stretches the hamstrings, hips, shoulders, wrists & spine. It improves balance, strengthens the legs & also calms the mind.
Pyramid Pose Alignment Cues:
1. Have a shorter stance than you would for many other standing poses, i.e. warrior & triangle – You can align the heels of both feet or, if more advanced, align the heel of the front foot with the arch of the back foot
2. The front foot is parallel with the length of the mat, & the back foot is angled between 45 & 60 degrees
3. Transfer your weight to the front leg & keep it straight. Engage the quads by pulling the kneecap up
4. Think about internally rotating the thigh of the front leg & press the base of the big toe into the mat
5. Draw the belly in back towards the spine
6. The sternum should be in line with your front leg – Keep the spine long as as straight as possible
7. Square the hips to the front of the mat – On the right side, push the right hip back as you pull the left hip forwards
8. Press the palms together in the reverse prayer hand position, lift the elbows & roll the shoulders back
9. The drishti, or gaze point, is at the toes

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