Citrine Crystal

How to Go From Poor to Wealthy Using a Citrine Crystal

Wealth attraction means more than just inviting more money into your life. It means having fulfilling relationships, love, wealth, health, career and success. If you would like to know how to attract wealth by altering your invisible field with a citrine crystal, you are in the right place.

What is an Invisible Field?

Invisible field is an aura that surrounds us. Most of us can’t see this glowing field, but sometimes we can feel it.

Have you ever experienced someone standing quietly behind you? It might be your boss watching what you were doing, or a friend planning to give you a surprise. For whatever reason, you probably felt their presence. The reason why you were able to feel them was because another invisible field impinged into yours. And that invisible field is called the aura.

What you Attract Becomes Your Aura Then Reality

Our aura is not only invisible, it is also magnetic. What you attract into your life first manifests in your aura, then becomes reality. This reality of manifestation shows in shades, shapes, and colors.

Simply put, by changing your aura, you can attract abundance. So how do you attract wealth by changing the aura? The 5 step formula for manifesting abundance are as follows:

How To Change Your Aura to Manifest Wealth

Create a Clear Picture of Your Desire

Be clear and concise on what you want. For simplicity, let’s say you want more money. Write down the amount. Start with what you expect to have 3, 6 and 9 months from now. Check your emotions when you put down the numbers. If you feel uneasy, adjust the amount till you feel good about it. Then, imagine yourself celebrating and holding that money with your imagination.

Get the Aura Crystal for Wealth

You can use visualization technique to change your aura but it is easier and much faster if you are using a crystal. Why a crystal and how does it work? The vibe of each type of crystal is unique, consistent and pure. Because of this special characteristic, each crystal has an aura of specific shade and color. By leveraging these stones we can alter our aura to attract wealth.

How to Attract Wealth with a Crystal?

First we must find a crystal that resonates with wealth. For money and wealth, citrine is a perfect choice. This stone is renowned for its ability to draw in money and enhance your mood. Get a citrine crystal longer than 2 inches – the bigger, the better.

Preparing Your Crystal

Next we must cleanse, charge and program the citrine crystal with the wealth images you have created in step 1.

Soak the citrine in sea salt water overnight. Rinse with distilled water and soak it in sunlight for about half an hour. Next, place the citrine on your left palm and visualize the images you have created earlier. During visualization, stay relaxed, happy and fulfilled.

How To Meditate With a Citrine Crystal

Get into a half lotus or full lotus pose. Hold your citrine in your left hand and firmly support it with your right hand.

Meditate for 30 minutes for 6 consecutive days. It is best to do it for 36 days straight. During meditation, visualize the created images to reinforce the wealth into your life.

At the end of the meditation, let go of the images and feelings. Place the citrine by the side of your bed and carry on with your daily tasks.

With the help of citrine, you have now infused your aura with wealth energy and vibration. Congratulations!

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