How To Lose Bra Bulge

Bra bulge is a problem among many women but unfortunately it is one of the hardest places to target. However there are some exercises you can do to which will tone your back and the muscles surrounding it, which will tighten the skin around this area.

Swimming Breast Stroke

If you have access to a pool one of the easiest and most effective ways to target this area and lose the bra bulge is by swimming breast stroke. This exercise targets the abdomen, pectorals, and back muscles. You should do between 20 and 30 laps of breast stroke at least 3 times a week. Use a broad range of motion to target the most muscle groups. If you don’t have access to a pool you can mimic this movement by getting in a squat position and doing the same arm movements. Since water adds resistance try adding 1 or 5 pound weights to achieve maximum results.

Opposite Leg and Arm Lifts

You can also do opposite leg and arm lifts to tone your back. What you do is lie on your stomach with your arms straight over your head. Your toes should be pointed to the ground. Begin by lifting your right arm and your left leg slightly off the ground. Lower and repeat with the opposite leg and arm combination. You should feel some muscular tension around your lower back area. If this tension is more than a slight discomfort discontinue this exercise and stick to the breast stroke as mentioned above.

You Must Combine These Exercises with a Healthy Diet and Cardio Exercise

Of course there is no way to target weight loss in a specific area of your body. These exercises will tone and tighten your back, but they won’t help you lose weight unless you pair it with a healthy diet and cardio exercise.

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