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How to Make Japanese Chicken Teriyaki and Teriyaki Sauce!

⁣Teriyaki chicken is so familiar for us, but it’s so rarely done right. People usually just buy the sauce from supermarket, so now I’m gonna show you how to make the best Chicken teriyaki chicken recipe, using your own homemade sauce. Incredibly delicious, thick and sweet. Yummy!

Teriyaki is a combination of 2 words, teri and yaki, which “teri” means luster (because of the sugar of course :D) and yaki means grill or broil. So it’s basically the ingredients that are broiled/grilled after being marinated on by teriyaki sauce.

In order to make the best chicken teriyaki, you’ll need:

Chicken Teriyaki:  3 garlic  20 gr onion  2 cm ginger  500 gr boneless chicken thighs

Chicken Teriyaki Sauce: 50 ml soy sauce, 50 ml mirin, 50 ml sake, 50 gr sugar, 1 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp corn starch ⁣

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