How To Manifest Your Dream Vacation Into Reality

After all the stress at work and life throwing lemons at you, you are probably tired, defeated and exhausted and in need of an island getaway. But what if your situation doesn’t allow you to be away from home or work? Well, that’s where we come in.

As famous author and mystic Neville Goddard once said, you attract what you feel and your imagination becomes a reality. In another words, no matter what your reality is right now, what you assume and feel in your imagination eventually becomes real. As long as you believe your wish as if it has already been fulfilled and tune into the feeling of that moment when you have reached your dream, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and becomes your reality.

We have designed this store to replicate the Jamaican island life as much as possible so the time you spend browsing through our shop feels as if you are already vacationing there. Repeat this phrase to yourself all throughout the day “I AM vacationing in beautiful Jamaican islands” and feel yourself vacationing there. Feel the smell, sound, touch, taste and sight of your vacation and as long as you believe in this strongly and focus on the feeling of already having reached that goal, it will eventually manifest into your reality.

We hope we can help your dream vacation become a reality so you can get a much deserved break from your busy life.

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