How to Stimulate Your Man When Relationship Gets Monotonous

If you are an amateur in love making and want to learn how to stimulate your man to make him go crazy over you in bed, here are few tips you can use to send your partner’s pleasure to another dimension!

Men Get Stimulated By What They See

Women like you are stimulated by what you hear and what you feel but men are more stimulated by what they see. So, next time you are hitting the sheets, don’t insist on switching off those lights! Give him all the visual pleasure he needs- invest in hot lingerie or give him a striptease! You will get him excited in no time at all!

Ask Him What He Likes And Be Direct About It

Men are quite vocal about what excites them and what does not. Unlike women who feel a bit shy, you will most likely get a direct answer if you ask him directly. You can even talk about it when you are sharing a glass of wine or relaxing. It is better to know what he likes directly. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Don’t Use Too Much Teeth During Oral Sex

Nobody likes a hard and rough touch, especially in the initial stages. Also, all men may not enjoy oral sex. So, next time you are pleasuring him, make sure you use your teeth gently!

Figure Out His Erogenous Zones

Men have erogenous zones too! Try caressing his nipples with yours or gently handling his penis. If you have any doubt, ask him whether he would like more pressure. It is better than just assuming that he does!

Hold Back When You Feel Him Climaxing For a Bigger Climax

Don’t push ahead with the sex. Instead, when you feel him climaxing, hold back for some time. You can even stop for a few minutes! Continuing this rhythm will arouse him no end!

Talk Dirty

Men love it when you describe just what they are doing to you. This will arouse him and get you all that you like- win win!

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