Bob Marley Hippy Pants Bring Jamaican Culture Back

Bob marley hippy pants inspiration is everywhere. It is not an overstatement to say Bob Marley and rasta culture has made its presence known all over the world. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that even in the United States, hippie culture played a huge role in the 70’s. Everyone loves to enjoy his chill relaxing reggae voice and the truth is, everyone has probably heard Bob Marley music at least once in their lifetime. People identify with this music because he often sings about love, friendship, social-equality and anti-racism which are important issues in our society today.

Bob Marley particularly stood out in reggae music even though greats like Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and King Tubby made large contributions in popularizing it. Bob is often considered the king of reggae music with his group The Wailers, he made an Album called “Burnin”which is heard in many places even today.

This album has spread the popularity of reggae music one step further. After that Bob Marley individually launched a new album called “no women, no cry” and that was another huge success. In 1977, again he had huge success with his album “Exodus” which is known as one of the best albums of Bob Marley.

Bob Marley has done such an incredible work in the field of reggae music that it has inspired so many other artists in music as well as fashion.

Bob Marley Hippy Pants Inspiration

Many clothes for men and women have been inspired by Jamaican style and Bob Marley’s reggae lifestyle. You will find Bob Marley hippy pants that are made with Jamaican color stripes that you can find in Jamaican flag. These items also have a chill relaxing vibe just like what Bob Marley used to represent in his music and lifestyle. Check out this item here which has been the best seller for Fifth Degree consistently for a long time.

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