Learn How to Roll a Fine Joint with a Dollar Bill!

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How Do You Roll a Joint With a Dollar Bill? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.

I would start off by getting a magazine or a tray underneath so that you don’t make a mess of yourself when rolling a joint. I personally prefer to roll a joint with a hundred dollar bill. It makes me feel good about my achievements and makes me proud of working so hard to get to where I am today. But if you are broke and don’t have a hundred dollar bill or a twenty handy, a dollar bill will be just fine. It will do the work so don’t worry too much.

I how used to roll before knowing how to roll with a dollar bill. I can do it fine either way but I prefer to roll with a dollar bill. It’s much easier.

Now the grinder. If you don’t have a grinder try to part out your cannabis as much as you can into pieces. If you have a grinder, even better. Try to grind it as much as you can so all the weed ends up breaking up into fine pieces. I personally even grind up the stems when I roll joints but if you don’t like to roll joints, you can always take them out after you grind everything up.

Get all your cannabis into your dollar bill and start rolling it up and down to make it into a joint. If you want to make your joint tightly packed, all you have to do is put more weed in there and put more force as you go up and down. If you get greedy and put a little too much in there, your joint paper might pop or crack and you will end up wasting lots of weed. So make sure to learn how to do it correctly with a little bit of weed at first and start building your skill to eventually rolling bigger blunts.

Next start rolling the dollar bill up towards you and down. Eventually it should start looking like a joint without paper. If you prefer to roll it tight once again, put more force into it. If you want to roll a loose joint, all you have to do is put little bit less and when you are at this stage, don’t put too much for but rather roll it up and down with little force.

After getting your weed in the in a cylinder shape in the middle of the dollar bill, all you have to do now is to insert the rolling paper underneath the weed above the bill. Basically you are putting the paper in between both so you can roll easily. But you must remember to have the sticky side of the rolling paper on your side rather than opposite side. This is super important because later you will have to complete the joint by wetting that area

Now squeeze the paper in the right place and start closing down the bill to create your first joint. You may roll down or up but it will be easier to roll up so later you can have a perfect shaped joint. You are going to have to experiment with this part on your own to get the right amount of force involved because everybody’s preference is different and I am sure yours is different from mine also.


Before learning this method, I remember trying to stick the weed straight onto paper to roll. This was a stupid way to roll as it made a huge mess and the paper always cracked during the smoke session. This way is the most efficient way to roll a joint and I am sure you will master this way in no time. Now when you are at a party or out camping, when someone asks who can roll a joint, you can proudly say “Me!” and roll them the best joint of their lifetime. Enjoy your smoke.

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