Women of Color Hair Problems and Best Treatment Options

Women of color hair problems are common. Most common hair problems facing women of color can be treated if you can understand what caused the issue in the first place. Each hair problem warrants a different solution but first, you must know thyself to defeat your enemy. (Losing hair) Let’s take a look at some of the common hair problems that Black women face today and unique solution for each problem.

Damaged hair cuticles

Most Common Women of Color Hair Problems: Brittle, Dry Strands

Brittle locks are caused by a lack of moisture: this can be caused by the weather or the environment you are spending most of your time in. For example, if the weather is dry, your locks would lack moisture as well. If your room or house is dry, it will have the same effect on your hair.

Treatment: Use Nourishing Botanical Oil

Botanical oils can help regain the moisture in your hair that has been taken away by dry weather. To get best result from this treatment, coat your hair and leave in overnight. Also, you might want to get a large bowl and fill it with water and keep it near you while you sleep. The evaporated water helps add moisture to the air, it then gets absorbed by your hair.

Problem: Heat Damage

This is a major problem for most Black women – your locks constantly get fried flat irons, blow dryers, and curling rods! Although most women cannot help but style their hair with these tools as part of their beauty regimen, doing this often will break your hair’s protective layer, leaving it in dull, straw-like texture.

Solution: Hydrating Creams

Hair loss due to heat damage can be remedied by using a good hydrating cream. Hydrating creams help create a barrier between your locks and the heat, lessening the heat damage done to your hair. Also, keep in mind that when blow-drying can dry up your hair. So be mindful when blow drying.

Problem: Split Ends

This is most often caused by excessive use of styling tools, hair highlights and using cheap conditioner. One of the most common causes of split ends is waiting too long in between haircuts. Remember, you have to have your locks trimmed every four to six weeks. Split ends might be an early sign of weak hair, and may cause breakage and your strands to fall. So find a treatment fast.

Solution: Protein-Based Treatments

Protein, found in treatments that cater to hair damaged by split ends, acts as a temporary styling bandage that seal splits together. Once the hair strand is split, it will continue to tear up. So early remedy is key. Ask your stylist to do dusting as soon as you go to the salon. Dusting is where your hairdresser removes the split ends from your hair, keeping ends of your strands at bay.

Problem: Breakage

Breakage happens when you use your brush too vigorously or using elastics that are too tight when you are putting your hair up on a ponytail.

Solution: Avocado Oil Conditioner

These hair loss treatments protect your hair and give you added strength to prevent breakage. Look for deep conditioners containing smoothing oils such as avocado oils, as well as amino acids. Also, try wearing your ponytail loose to give your hair a break.


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