Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent

Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent

If you are looking for a comfortable shelter during your camping days, then Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent is the perfect choice for you. Out of all such tents, this is the best one considering the facilities and features it provide to the camping people. Whether you plan to fix your tent in any backyard area or even on any local campground, then this is the easiest one to set up fast. Ideal for any outdoor adventure, this Ozark Trail camping tent is popular among people.

Highlights of Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent

Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent

Ozark Trail has always come up with a big capacity, hence their 14-person camping tent is a hotcake. If you are planning for a family camping adventure or going in a group of 12-14 people, then this spring lodge cabin tent has no other alternative.

Every camper will have a comfortable life inside the tent and no one will complain about any crunch of space. 14 adult campers can stay and sleep inside without any trouble and you will get added headroom also for better comfort. This camping tent is equipped with a seam-taped rainfly to keep the campers dry and safe from all conditions.

It is for weather protection and the tent will be a safe place to stay inside in case of anything happens outside.  Even there is a roll-back rainfly feature in this tent that allows campers to be cool inside during hot summer nights. This is a very important feature in this camping tent.

Ozark Trail spring lodge cabin camping tent also comes with a handing media sleeve for supporting power port to run an electric cord inside the tent. One can get power from this point as per requirement. There is a mud mat for keeping the inside of the tent clean. This mud mat is a specialty of Ozark Trail and you will find it very useful at the end of the day. If you are planning for any family outing, group event, camping, backpacking, picnic, or any group tour activity.

Features Included

  • This cabin camping tent is easy to set up in any condition
  • You can use this tent either in the backyard or when camping
  • This tent is suitable for both beginners as well as for experienced campers
  • There is a provision of the cabin that offers two rooms with a divider curtain to keep the privacy of every individual
  • The screen room is there; it can be converted into another additional room if required
  • You will find multiple storage pockets to keep belongings
  • Two storage closest for larger gear is provided
  • For proper ventilation on hot summer days as well as to protect from bugs and insects, a screened-in porch with a door is provided
  • The tent frame and the roof is made from steel to make them more stable
  • You can choose colors either green or beige as per your choice.


Ozark Trail is a reputed name in the camping tent industry. It has a good reputation among campers and people prefer their products more than else due to its quality as well as features. Let’s check what are the best parts of the Ozark Trail cabin camping tent.

Superior Quality

Ozark Trail is known for its quality product. Due to this reason, their product is durable also. You can use this tent for several years without any trouble. Due to the high quality of this product, Ozark Trail has become a reputed brand in the industry.


The tent comes with superior waterproof to save all the people inside the tent. Even if it is raining outside, you need not be bothered. There will be no leakage and all the members will be safe. The company uses quality products in its waterproof technology, hence you can trust them like millions of other people.

Strong and Wind Resistant

Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent

The tents are very strong and affixed to the ground very strongly. There is no question of blowing up in windy conditions.


Ozark Trail tents are rich in features but not too much costly. The prices are very reasonable and anyone can buy the same. If you are planning for a family camping, then it will not be tough for you to purchase this tent. It is economical also as it allows 14 people to stay inside.

Easy Setup

This tent is very easy to set up. It takes hardly some minutes to erect and you can take rest inside with comfortable.

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For a product like Ozark Trail spring lodge cabin camping tent, there are hardly any negative points. Still, like any other product, it has a few.

Less Variety

Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent

Ozark Trail camping tents need a lot of variety in design, color, features, and options. You have to buy from a specific set of products. Still, their sales are on the higher side. But, if they add some variety, then their sale will be boosted.


Considering its features, the price of the Ozark Trail spring lodge cabin camping tent has been kept a very reasonable one. It is $209 for a 14 Person Tent and you can buy it without any issue.

Customer Feedback

Customers are very happy after using the Ozark Trail camping tent and they have expressed their satisfaction openly in several cases. The size is really good considering 14 people will sleep at night. It is spacious and equipped with a closet for more convenience. Also, the ease of installation is another aspect of satisfaction. After whole days of activity, who wants to spend more time constructing the tent? Here Ozark Trail tents are easy to fix and it takes hardly some time to erect.


If you want to have a memorable camping experience, then the Ozark Trail spring lodge cabin camping tent undoubtedly is the best. Its unique features and after-sales support have made it popular among millions of people. They just buy Ozark Trail products without any hesitation and the company also paid back them with utmost quality at a reasonable price.

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