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So What is the Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat?

When it comes to yoga mats, first thing that you should consider is whether they are convenient and durable. We have gone through hundreds of hours testing many brands in all types of conditions to make sure we can recommend the top quality yoga mat for our readers. Yoga mats should be made for all yoga positions and different types of yoga.

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Secondly, your yoga mat should be ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE. Check whether production of your Eco-friendly yoga mats require cutting down cork/rubber trees. Try use mats made of organic cork which is harvested by stripping down the bark of trees and 100% natural rubber. These mats are biodegradable and recyclable. No plastics used in production or packaging so it will help our planet survive longer.

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42 Birds Cork Lightweight, Soft, Travel Yoga Mat, Non Slip for Hot Yoga, Premium, 100% Recycled Cork

Top Review: This mat is amazingly beautiful! It’s soft and lightweight and easy to carry around. Because it’s cork it’s highly absorbent. This is an essential feature because it allows you to ‘stick’ to the mat even as your hands and feet get sweaty!!

42 Birds Cork Yoga Mat

Cons: Only downside so far: if you sweat A LOT, and while the mat is great for standing postures, if you are down on your belly wish it absorbed a bit faster. If you’re cool with hanging out in a pool of your own sweat (which I am)–then this mat is for you. You still won’t slip–no matter what; but you will definitely still want a towel close by if you’re doing hot yoga.

#1 Best Seller

Best Rated Non Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Why We Chose This Yoga Mat?

It was an apparently long voyage to my adoring this yoga mat due to its dangerous nature at first. Presently it is my primary tangle and I worship it. At first, I couldn’t break in this yoga mat acceptably for the initial three months and invested a great deal of energy stunned that this organization pulls off offering a standout amongst the most costly yoga mats available – given the absence of hold when you begin utilizing it.

I additionally cleaned it religiously consistently after yoga class to attempt to dispose of the film or whatever it is that is smooth over the tangle. I honestly don’t know which of these measures helped however at this point it is the best yoga mat ever in light of the fact that it isn’t elusive or smooth amid yoga in any capacity and it looks incredible on the grounds that it is clearly extremely intense and will keep going forever.

My other grippier mats that came that exit from the container currently look horrible while the Manduka Pro still seems as though it is new and it is eighteen months after the fact! Despite everything I wonder that Manduka can’t break these mats in for us BEFORE pitching them to us as it is a costly yoga mat, however I presently excuse them as it is an incredible yoga mat.


This yoga mat can be so SLIPPERY. Some of our testers had a go at breaking it in with salt (twice) and utilized it normally however at long last needed to change back to my old tangle since utilizing this one feels unsafe. We slipped on the mat to try vast majority of the postures and it’s a short time before genuine damage happens. Some of us genuinely hated this yoga mat and were furious we squandered cash on it.

Top Performance Non Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Why We Believe This is the Best Yoga Mat?

Over the years, we have tested so many types of Yoga mats, mostly the 1/4 inch thickness size and a couple of low end market 1/2 inch thickness size ones. Upon using this mat for my home exercises and also in yoga class, I found out that I could easily get into my yoga poses longer on this mat because of the excellen thickness and anti-slippery material.

Thicker than most other mats

Because these are thicker than most other mats when you do lots of situps, your back will now gain extra support. Some trainers say this is deadly for your back and this yoga mat will save you from that forceful impact. Some of the reviews had complaints about this mat being too thick? But we were searching for thick mats all this time so we were just glad we found these. If you know how painful it is to get into yoga poses in thin mats, you will know exactly what we mean.


This yoga mat is easier to roll back and put back with the straps because it is softer and absorbs sweat really well. I thought it was going to be hard to get it back into the rolled up position, but it was so easy to roll back. It also comes with a quality carrying handle. This was super helpful as sometimes it gets difficult to carry mats around after a good workout. It acts as a small back pack.


The specs for these yoga mats are 71″ long and 24″ wide. This will cover most people out there so sizing is not an issue. Because this yoga mat is made of quality foam based rubber, you will no longer have to suffer from those painful times you had to do yoga on hard concrete like surfaces.

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