Buying Big and Tall Men’s Clothing Can Be Challenging

Gone are the days when you could find plenty of big and tall men’s clothing stores. It seems like all the stores suddenly disappeared into an oblivion. Best that you can do now is to find them at big department stores or look for them online.

Stop Guessing Your Size

Since clothing cannot be seen online, buying the right clothes that fits you perfectly can become quite challenging. That only leaves us with one option which is to go to big department stores. However, pandemic restrictions made it even harder to shop in person.

Clothes That Fit You Perfectly

At Fifth Degree. we understand exactly what customers who are looking for. Because we are big and tall men just like yourself, (owner Brian Ka is 6’6 230 lbs) we know what it’s like to shop for big and tall men’s clothing.

Stretchy Drawstring and Elastic Waistband Clothing

Because we have a better understanding of what you need, we focused on items with drawstrings and elastic waistband that you try on easily. This way, you can enjoy the item you purchased even if is a little bit off. We have also tried list all the details that other website wouldn’t cover. This means you will have an unbiased information about your purchase every single time.

Top Quality Every Single Time

Lastly, all of our items are inspected thoroughly prior to shipping so you can be assured or our top notch quality. Our customers have attested over and over again of our consistent customer service. We hope this website will be useful for all big and tall men out there for years to come.

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