Gnometastic Smoking Stoner Gnome Indoor Outdoor Garden Statue, 8.5 Inches

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One Chill Dude

He’s not a hippie but our Smoking Stoner Gnome is a super relaxed Dude. Recreational or medical – it’s 420 all the time with this little guy! Funny addition to your garden, porch, home or office. He’s sure to make anyone crack a smile!

Gnometastic represents not just humorous lawn ornaments but a lifestyle!

Our Garden Gnomes have charisma, attitude and just a whole lotta in your face AWESOME (and a lil bit tacky). Embrace your inner love of Novelty! Give in to the Kitsch-y conga dancing in your head! Succumb to your secret anthem of Campy Fun! Be a part of this beautiful movement! Proudly display your Gnometastic – it’s not just a lawn gnome – it’s ART and a way of LIFE!

Exhart Solar Good Time Lazy Couch Potatoe Gnomes – Solar Outdoor Statues of Funny Gnomes Eating Chips & Drinking Beer w/Solar LED Accent Lights

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Intricate details with with a warm touch

Exhart’s Solar Good Time Lazy Couch Potato Gnomes Statue is a great indoor or outdoor resin decor that can bring some whimsical greenery to your home. It is crafted with resin, a durable material proven to last the test of time. Hand-painted with vibrant colors, it’s great as decorative pieces for your home garden, yard and patio.

Solar Panel Powered Garden Decor

Solar garden lights can be used anywhere it will receive sunlight throughout the day. For the longest and brightest nighttime illumination, make sure the solar panels are not shaded by trees or structures that may interfere with exposure to direct sunlight. A south exposure is best. When fully charged, solar garden lights can many hours of illumination on summer nights.

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