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Why We Chose This Summer Short Sleeve Loose Casual Tee T-Shirt

purchased a white shirt in L and it fit me impeccably yet I will say these shirts are free however clingy. I adored this shirt on the grounds that the material is excessively delicate yet it clung to my stomach excessively tight than I enjoyed and I am apple molded so it was not complimenting. I kept the shirt since it was truly agreeable to wear and I hacked my belly issue by utilizing this shirt with skirts. (Id like to take note of my stomach is a powerless spot for me however this shirt was so delicate I couldnt care less lol).

I purchased a SECOND shirt – dark XL. I figured it may be excessively free however it was flawless. I favor free so it relies upon your inclination yet it was free enough where my stomach would not look unflattering and it didnt make me resemble an inflatable with the additional texture. The dark and the white were NOT see through. I am certainly going to purchase another in dim! This shirt can be spruced here and there!

My estimations for reference: 5’2, 187lbs, 38D, 14 pants, as a rule wear L/XL shirts, and apple molded! (a large portion of my weight is close belly). Too adorable and would trust this shirt would look on for the most part everybody!

Best Women’s Workout Shirt Tied Back

I bought this for yoga and I love it. I went a size smaller than I would typically buy and it’s perfect. I’m 5’3″, 140lbs and purchased a small. It doesn’t fall down when I’m in downward facing dog or other inversions and that’s a huge bonus to me because I hate having to come out of a pose to adjust my clothes. I haven’t worn the shirt to a class that made me sweaty so I’m not sure how well it would hide stains but that isn’t what I purchased it for so I’m satisfied with it as is.

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