Rane Sixty One Review

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Rane Sixty One is a great mixer for someone looking to use something other than the 62, 64, or the upcoming 57 MKII, and would still like to have a mixer that is supported by Rane. Very solid and sturdy, great quality that you can expect from Rane. It has adjustable fader/crossfader controls so you can control them just as you like them.

Effects are programmable with the wide range of sound effects built into Serato Scratch Live, and are also adjustable (they are not easily intuitive for first-time users, though–you will have to figure out how to program the effects on each deck, the auxiliary, or your mic to each FlexFX button using the MIDI control setup in the software).

You can also program all your personal settings into memory using the ScratchLive or Serato DJ interface (whichever you prefer to use). I do prefer having XLR outputs (which this does NOT have), but the 1/4″ outputs do just fine. For its high cost, it is also much faster connecting this for gigs than using an SL box.

The price is reasonable for the quality and as much as I like rane products, the Rain Sixty Two model at $1999 is too much for a anyone to afford in a mixer! (Unless you are Steve Aoki of course) There are not a lot of buttons which can take away from the essence. With Rane Sixty One you can get down to basics of djing and turntablism.

The 61 gives you the same superior rane sound quality, precise clear faders, and with a set of Dicers you get extra control of cue points and samples. If you want to go further, add a Pioneer sp1 . Oh and almost forgot, you can midi map controls so you can have the effects you want to control on the mixer, you can map the effects to the flex effects buttons and another button to control samples.

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