Should You Adopt a Pitbull Puppy? Read This Before You Do

Controversy and misinformation surrounds Pitbull puppies. However pit bulls can make excellent companions and family dogs. Those who bring a Pitbull into their life will find that the breed is typically highly intelligent, playful and energetic. They often make excellent family dogs and in most cases do well with children. Those interested in purchasing a Pitbull should be sure to do their homework and learn a little bit about the breed and what kind of care these dogs require.

Pitbulls Are Ultra High Energy Dogs

Pitbull puppies are highly athletic and energetic. If you decide to own a Pitbull you must be sure to train him or her and provide appropriate outlets for that energy. You should be sure to begin training early, be consistent and use positive reinforcement techniques rather than harsh punishments. Being firm and fair and treating your dog well from when he or she is a puppy will help ensure your Pitbull grows into a friendly and well-behaved dog.

If You Don’t Have a Huge Yard You Must Exercise Pitbulls Several Times a Day

If you have a large, securely fenced yard you can allow your puppy to exercise there. If not, a daily long walk or run will do the trick. A high energy breed like the Pitbull will misbehave if not given regular chances to exercise. Pitbull puppies are well suited for sports like agility or obedience. Competing is fun for both owner and dog and provides a way to channel your dog’s energy in a positive way.

Pitbulls Need Lots of Attention and Care

Pitbull puppies, like any other puppy, require food, shelter and regular veterinary care at a minimum. A first time dog owner might be surprised to learn all that is required to care for a dog. Be sure to find a good veterinarian and keep your dog healthy by bringing him or her in for all of the required puppy vaccinations and exams.

A Well Raised Pitbull Can Be Your Companion For Life

Your veterinarian can often help guide you in finding an appropriate food and might even be able to recommend a trainer to help get you on the right track when training your puppy. In return for the time and money spent caring for a puppy, dog owners are rewarded with a constant companion, playmate and protector.


Whether you are a single person looking for a companion or a family looking for that perfect family pet, you will most likely be happy with a Pitbull. Unfortunately there is a stigma surrounding the breed due to irresponsible owners and those who have chosen to fight their Pitbulls. Because of this, Pitbull owners have an even more important responsibility to train their dogs and show critics a friendly and well-behaved dog. When raised from a puppy and treated well from the start, Pitbull puppies make great pets.

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