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Stoner Wallpaper

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Stoner wallpapers are heavily sought after because people want to individualize their personal gadgets to their favorite past time hobby or activity and ever since most States have legalized cannabis, there has been seen a surge of demand from online community. As a result, many people have been searching for stoner wallpapers and many websites have posted or blogged about it. Not only it is super fun and interesting, some of these stoner wallpapers seem to have therapeutic effect because after all,some of these are natural plants right? By the way you are free to take any of these wallpapers for your own use. No credit needed. We hope it helps you.

Free Stoner Wallpapers



Usually changing wallpaper requires you to access your personalization settings whether it is PC or MAC. You might actually already have a few wallpapers in your hard drive so check if you feel like switching them. To make your device feel more personal, we always recommend our readers to change the wallpaper that are tailored towards personal goals and aspirations. Since we are writing about stoner wallpapers here however, we will just stick wit that subject for now.


So do you want to know the best way to find stoner wallpaper? Well. Google. That would be the best answer. There are some sites that specialize in stoner wallpapers only but you would probably get even a wider rage of searches by looking for them on Google Image search. There are hundreds of them if not thousands waiting for your click and be used in your personalized gadgets. The broader you search broader answer you are going to get. So it would be wise to add a phrase like “stoner” or “weed” before wallpaper so that you can search exactly what you are looking for.


Second option? Go to and search for key phrases you are looking for. Most of the images there are photographs but some photographs serve as great wallpapers if you find the right one that fits your need. We like keywords like ‘psychedelic’ and ‘abstract’ as these words return variety of photographs that are suitable for wallpapers. You can even search for words like ‘weed’ though you may not get as many results as other general popular terms.


Free Wallpapers for Your Phone

Since most of users are only using smart phones these days to access all their personal or workdata, wallpapers for phones have been increasing in demand. For Samsung users, their in house wallpaper settings let you automatically switch between different themed wallpapers each day. For Mac users, you would have to go to settings and find wallpaper option and proceed from there.


Old analog phones without screens obviously don’t require a wallpaper and cannot get them. But in case you have flip phones that have a small screen, you may be able to use some of these wallpapers after changing its configuration. Check your phone settings for more details.









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