Tips for Camping in Yellowstone National Park.

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If you have been thinking about visiting Yellowstone national park especially for camping purposes, this article is for you. Today we will explore the must have Yellowstone camping tips so that you can get to enjoy your time in this magnificent place full of natural wonders.

 Before get there, it is important that you know a thing or two about this place you are about to explore. Yellowstone was the first national park in the world and it became recognized as a national park in the year 1872. Most of it is in Wyoming but some parts of it extends to Idaho and Montana.

The lakes, rivers, canyons and mountains that are found in this place just makes it irresistible and it has been a top destination for campers for over a 100 years. Yellowstone national park offers some natural wonders that you must see including the mud pots and Faithful Geyser.

Yellowstone also have preserved wildlife which include wolves, birds, elk, and bison among other animals. So if you are an animal lover you are definitely going to enjoy camping at this place. As a camper you can expect to bike, fish, hike, and enjoy the natural wonders as well as the natural habitat.

Yellowstone camping tips.

1.      Respect the animals.

As I already highlighted the place has animals and if it is not the first time thinking about visiting the place then you probably have heard of some deaths in the park. It made you concerned and you considered changing your mind about visiting the place, it is even possible that you have not visited Yellowstone because of this one reason. What you heard is true, the animals in Yellowstone can be wild especially if not treated with respect. Here is some things you need to know about the animals in Yellowstone.

·         Bears don’t go to the campgrounds and when they do, they are usually shot at with rubber bullets and they get away. Over the years they have learned that the campgrounds are a no go zone and it is very rare you find a bear going to the campgrounds.

·         It is recommended that you have your food stored in boxes that are bear proof or store the food safely in your RV or car. It is also recommended that you don’t leave any scented items and lotions at the top of your table because it might attract the wildlife, and you don’t want that, do you?

2.      Back country camping and bears.

If you are going be backpacking out then maybe the following suggestions might help you out.

·         Before setting out the tent, make sure you speak to a park ranger and he guarantee you that you are staying at a safe place. Also it is very important that you follow everything that the park ranger tells you.

·         Make sure you sleep about 100 yards away from where you prepare and cook your food. After you cook, make sure to change the clothes you were wearing and smell like food and keep them away from where you sleep, probably where you prepare and store your food. If there was another person who had camped before you in the area, search for the remains of food and garbage, remove them and be sure to sleep at least 200 yards from the place.

·         You should hang your clothes and food at least 10 feet from the ground of a tree. Or you can ask the park ranger on how to follow the procedure appropriately. It is better to be safe than sorry.

·         Dispose your waste and water appropriately before you leave your site for adventure. Maybe you can ask for specifics and follow them to the letter.

3.      Yellowstone tent camping.

If you are planning to tent camp in Yellowstone, it is important that you keep the following in mind.

·         It can get very cold at Yellowstone national park so you should be prepared for that. Bring along your warmest clothes and warm sleeping bags. Also be sure to come along with something you can place on the ground before sleeping. If possible bring along an air mattress or you can maybe use a cardboard to insulate the bottom of your tent.

·         If you don’t have the space to pack up your camping gear don’t panic because you can rent one within the park. This is a perfect option especially if you are flying in.

·         If you are going to be camping during the summer, which is when most people camp, be aware that it comes along with some bugs. Also don’t forget to bring along some mosquito repellants because you are definitely going to need it especially if you are going to be getting deep inside the forest.

·         The days are normally hot during the summer and the nights are very cold. This means you need to know what to pack if you are going to be tent camping in Yellowstone. Have some warm clothes for the nights and the early mornings and some light clothes for the afternoon because it can be damn hot.

Top things to see in Yellowstone national park.

·         Old faithful geyser. It was named back in 1870 and it erupts after every 35 to 120 minutes and once it does, it can shoot over eight thousand gallons of water, over 180 feet in the air!

·         Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The canyon is about 24 miles long and 1200 feet deep and it is the first large canyon in the park. It is a great spot that you don’t want to miss.

·         Upper Geyser basin. There is a lot to see in this basin and it offers magma related activities like fumaroles, hot springs and mud pots.

·         Prismatic springs. The largest hot spring in the world surely deserves a spot on your list.

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