Top 5 Best Tasting Jamaican Coffee on Amazon

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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a class of coffee from Blue Mountains. This particular Jamaican brand of coffee was first introduced back in 1728.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is known for great taste and not much bitter taste. Over the years, this brand of coffee has gained a reputation for best tasting most expensive coffee beans in the world. Over 80% of Jamaican coffee goes to Japan. Some Jamaican coffee is used to make liqeur too.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is an all around ensured confirmation mark, which means just espresso guaranteed by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica can be named all things considered. It originates from a perceived developing locale in the Blue Mountain district of Jamaica, and its development is observed by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica.

The Blue Mountains are commonly situated between Kingston toward the south and Port Antonio toward the north. Ascending to 2,256 meters (7,402 ft), they are probably the most astounding mountains in the Caribbean. The atmosphere of the district is cool and hazy with high precipitation. The dirt is rich, with astounding seepage. This blend of atmosphere and soil is viewed as perfect for espresso. We have found top 5 most popular Jamaican coffee brands for you. Please check them out:

1lb Certified 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Roasted – Whole Bean

It really didn’t have anything special going for it. IF they put the cheap work coffee in a cup besides this I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. A $7.99 lb of coffee from Trader Joes is better than this stuff. I tried, got the shirt and after one cup I haven’t touched this stuff again. If you want something much better and money is not an issue buy Koffee Kult, Kicking Horse or Don Pablo
Coffee Bean Direct Jamaican Blue Mountain Style, Whole Bean Coffee

I am about half way through my first bag and looking to try a different bean. It still has the yummy oil on the beans that you only see when it is fresh or you roast your own. I like my coffee strong so I give my grinder several more grinds almost to espresso, but if you pre-wet a paper filter it works out great in a drip pot. It also causes a build up in the grinder which a tablespoon of rice fixes that. My difficulty is my own making. It has nothing to do with a superior product. I plan on staying with this company as long as Amazon handles it and am looking forward to trying all their beans to find my favorite. This is a very dark bean without almost no bitterness. You can serve this to the most discriminating guest with pride.

Island Blue -100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee

I have been enjoying Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee for the past 15 years and this is the first time I have ordered from this company and it will be the last!! Went on vacation 2nd week of July with 9 family members who are all avid coffee drinkers and we could not drink this as it tasted sour, sort of what you would imaging a skunk smell would taste like. I had to throw it out as it was not palatable! I suppose it could have been a bad “batch” of coffee, I still have one of the 2 lbs I purchased and I am going to let some of the same family members try it again and see what transpires. If it is what Jamaican Blue Mountain should taste like I will recant what I have posted, if it is still not fit to drink I stand by my post.

Jamaica Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Years ago I heard that the best coffee in the world was a coffee from Jamaica, called Jamaican Blue Mountain. It was 1981 and I bought 1/2 lb for $35. It was the smoothest coffee I ever had. Two cups and I was ready for an all nighter. The coffee was too expensive until I found this fantastic coffee right here. GCT Jamaican Blue Mountain is affordable and of the highest quality. You can really taste the difference.

100% certified blue mountain coffee. Amazing smooth taste with beautiful floral notes. One of the best I ever tried. These also seemed roasted very fresh. The best before date shows one year from now so can’t be more than a month ago. Really love them. Thanks so much! Will get some more in the future if you would have them available.

Magnum Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend Coffee

Let me just say that I’ve never had Blue Mountain Coffee before, so I can’t compare it to a full 100% blend. I’m also not a coffee connoisseur (don’t roast/grind my own beans…yet), but I do like a nice light-medium roast with smooth flavor and low acidity/bitterness. From what I’ve heard and read, Blue Mountain coffee beans are the gold standard when it comes to that which is why I was very disappointed in this coffee. Maybe I’d built it up too much after reading all of the positive reviews, but I found it to be quite average with a moderate amount of lingering bitterness and acidity afterwards. To be honest, I would prefer Starbucks Veranda or Breakfast Blend as opposed to this. Both have a similar bitterness and slightly more acidity (yes, I know everyone complains about Starbucks being over-roasted), but at least they have more flavor to show for it.

FWIW, one of my friends (who recommended that I try Blue Mountain coffee) had the 100% stuff when he was over in Jamaica and he said that it was the best coffee he’s ever had. When I told him I’d purchased this, he was very curious and excited to see how it compared (knowing that it was a blend). Having no idea of my opinion, he stated that the taste had very little similarity to the real thing and was significantly less smooth.

So bottom line, at $10/pound, it’s not overly expensive, but it’s also nothing special. You can get as good or better for a similar price in a non-“Blue Mountain” blend.

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