Healthy Foods To Eat For Black Women To Maintain Healthy Hair

Many black women struggle with bad hair and try to find ways to correct the problem. One of the easiest methods of growing healthy hair comes in the form of food being consumed. One’s diet can often be the difference between healthy and unhealthy hair. It is important to have one’s diet in check before looking for other solutions. This article will list foods that can improve your hair quality.

Strawberries & Citrus Fruit (Vitamin C)

Getting one’s daily dose of vitamin C is imperative when it comes to healthy hair. The scientific reasoning behind this relates to the collagen in the hair follicles. Collagen can start to age over time and begin breaking down. This is difficult to control or rectify without having a sufficient quantity of ‘vitamin C’ enriched foods.

Of course, there are medical procedures that can correct these issues (hair transplants), but there is a simpler solution. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are an excellent option to consider prior to making an expensive decision to through medical hair treatment. Throw in some strawberries and citrus fruit into your diet and watch as the hair follicles begin to grow.

Cashews & Figs (Iron)

An iron-rich diet can also help improve the overall health of one’s hair. It is important to remember that iron can be taxing on the body and it should be consumed in reasonable portions. (Consult your doctor to find out the correct amount for you). Cashews and figs are an excellent source of iron and should find a way into your overall diet. They can lead to positive results being shown in the form of healthy hair.

There are other solutions to consume your required iron that are equally effective and delicious in getting the job done. Check out these iron supplements by clicking here. Consuming the natural food that get your taste buds revving is still the best option to get sufficient iron in your body.

Almonds & Dried Apricots (Vitamin E)

Nourishing damaged hair with vitamin E is required in order to see results that are both effective in the short and long-run. This can be done with ease through the consumption of vitamin E. This vitamin is known to reinvigorate hair in a manner that is rarely seen through other options. There are several sources of vitamin E available on the market that can provide adequate relief.

This vitamin does an excellent job of reducing ‘breakage’ of hair that can happen over time. As people start aging, the development of keratin starts to lessen and this leads to hair loss and damage. To redevelop keratin in the body, it is important to start consuming vitamin E in one’s diet in the form of almonds and dried apricots.

Brown Rice and Oats (Biotin)

Moving down the list of consumable foods that can invigorate one’s hair quality, brown rice and oats are last on the list. These foods are rich in biotin and can do an exceptional job of providing results that are long-lasting. What does biotin do for your hair after being consumed on a regular basis? Biotin is essentially a ‘water soluble’ vitamin that delivers vigorous hair.

Written by Sasha D Brown

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