Yoga Body and Soul Transformation – The Health Benefits

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Being fit is everybody have goals for the year 2010. Today, we are being presented by so many things that keep us unhealthy and one of this is unbalanced diet. We all know that having a balanced diet is very difficult because we are often served with good food but did you know that being healthy doesn’t only start on the food we eat rather it also depends with our lifestyle? When we are becoming conscious about how we move and balance our daily routines, we can eventually have a life free from all the stress beset before us.

Yoga has become popular over the years. Although Yoga originally started thousands of years ago, it is only during this decade that that almost everyone became conscious about it. Yoga is said to relax the mind, body and soul. Also, a lot of people are claiming the good benefits that they have been experiencing since the beginning of their sessions. They say that the different force of nature that is incorporated to it gives them the unique feeling of being relaxed. When you talk about nature, it balances everything.

Yoga actually transforms the well-being of a person wherein it takes the person to a whole new different level. It will take away the stress and all the negative forces that are present. The entire process of Yoga will take you to an imaginary place wherein all you will hear is the sound of seas, forest as well as the mountain breeze. It’s so relaxing and refreshing. In every session of Yoga, almost everything done is the actually the same, there’s asanas or yoga poses, pranayama or known as the breathing exercise, chanting and meditation. All these things are said to have a healthy effect on the person’s well-being.

When you say Yoga, it does not only help in keeping your body relaxed from the long day from work or free yourself from the stress of the city’s noise and lights, it also have a lot of benefits that can make your body healthier and improved. There are actually so many good physical benefits that Yoga does to your body and some of these includes flexibility, strength, better breathing, pain prevention and muscle tone. These things will not only tone down your body’s reflex but it will make you more productive at work because you no longer have to worry being sick as well as the things that can make your work unproductive. As for the mental benefits, its main goal is to reduce your stress, give you mental calmness as well as body awareness. When you do Yoga, all the negative things that you’ve been thinking will be diverted into more happy thoughts.

In today’s time, staying fit and healthy is very important even though it is so difficult to keep up because of peer pressure and all the temptations of unhealthy lifestyle. However, if you really want it then there are also a lot of things that you can do protect body and give yourself a worry-free mind. Yoga is a good option if you think that there’s no other way to relax your body and mind after a very long strenuous work. It is indeed a top choice and recommended by many. Although many think that it is a form of exercise and that it can be exhausting and very time demanding, it is actually not. Yoga is a way of life, an act wherein your consciousness think and not a series of learning ideology.

Benefit of Yoga As Meditation

As described previously, yoga helps you maintain a healthy body and mind. There are a lot of yoga variants that can give you various effects. Yoga itself is divided into two big groups. They are body focused yoga and mind focused yoga. Just like their names, each group gives different effects. The mind focused yoga can also be said as meditation. One group will keep you healthy physically while the other mentally. Below are details of each group along with their advantages.

1. Body focused yoga

Body focused yoga includes bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga, lyengar yoga, and vinyasa yoga. They offer different benefits for your physical body. Body focused yoga can increase your muscle strength and flexibility as it emphasizes more on exercising the physical body. There are various movements of yoga; however, the basics are the same. First you need to do movements and then hold them for a couple of second so that you can feel your muscle contracting. You also need to control your breathing. It is just like pumping oxygen into your muscles. Maybe your muscles will not be as big compared to doing bench presses. But you will get some effective, flexible, and strong muscle. Even professional basketball players from LA Lakers, Jordan Farmar, do yoga to increase his muscle strength and flexibility. Jordan stated that since he started doing the yoga after his regular basketball training, he felt that he became much faster and much stronger.

2. Mind focused yoga

Mind focused yoga include bhakti yoga, mantra yoga, and raja yoga. The benefits of mind yoga are just as much as body yoga. For example, mind focused yoga allows you to be more patient, more focused, and relaxed. Mind focused yoga has similar effects than that of meditation. You will feel light and fresh after doing this kind of yoga. The mind focused yoga is usually done after a tiring day of work, as it can help you drown your fatigue and deal with frustration. It also helps clear your mind and manage your anger, so you have more control over your emotions. The most important thing in mind focused yoga is to control your breathing. It is just one kind of meditation that will give many benefits. The movements are minimalist and give little impact to your physical body, but the benefits for your mind are undoubtedly great.

There are lot more the benefits of yoga that cannot be explained. Yoga could be an alternative exercise for you, especially if you are the type of person who works in an intense and stressful environment or unable to do intense physical exercises due to physical restrictions. Yoga is also a great way to relax. You can do yoga anytime anywhere.

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