Yoga Stretching Exercises to Wake You Up

Most people nowadays resort to yoga for health reasons, as well as health benefits. Yoga has been found to be a brilliant way of stretching out the pains and aches of one’s body, staying fit, and getting focused. Yoga stretches also provides a means to relax and let out stress, reduce muscle pains, increase flexibility, and center the mind. There are various yoga stretches for stress relief, yoga stretches that one can do at work, and even yoga stretches while watching the television. Here are two basic yoga stretches that one can do to start the day right:

Yoga Stretches to Wake You Up

These stretches is an easy and gentle way to start the day, as waking up every morning can usually be a tough part ; these yoga stretch routines can help one focus, get energized, and relaxed. Before starting any of the stretches, begin with slowly inhaling and exhaling for a few minutes, then breathe and relax within the poses.

Spinal Twist Stretch

Sit cross-legged on the floor, press the sit bones to the floor, lengthen the spine, and reach up with the head’s crown. Maintain both sit bones flat on the floor while performing the stretch. Put the left hand on the right knee, then inhale and stretch the spine. Exhale, then do a right twist, breathe, then return to center position, switch sides and do again.

Cat and Cow Pose

The position is done like that of a cat’s, with all four (both hands and both knees) onto the floor; the wrist should be under the shoulder and the knees under the hips. Stretch the spine, reaching the head’s crown towards the wall in front, and the tailbone toward the wall behind. Deeply inhale, then exhale and round the back up in the direction of the ceiling, drawing the chin in the navel’s direction. The next exhale, arch the back, dropping the belly in the direction of the floor, lifting the collarbones and sit bones, at the same time as gazing up to the ceiling; the sequence should be done three times.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of yoga stretches done first thing in the morning have been positive for a lot of people, and have helped most practitioners with their waking problems, as well as starting their day healthily and energetically, bringing more positive attitude throughout their day, both at work and at home, at the same time as building a healthy daily habit.

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