10 Lies African American Women Tell Ourselves

1. White women are stealing our men

No they are not. Even if they are, you know that love abounds all boundaries. Stop making fun of White women who loves Black men. Stop having limiting beliefs about our community. Ya’ll need to stop hatin and concentrate on your own man.

2. Straight hair is better

Straight hair is not always better. Embrace your natural locks and beauty instead of trying to be someone else. Go against the norm and be yourself. When we say be yourself, this doesn’t necessary mean you should go Buckwheat. Explore other styles that will embolden you and your natural look.

3. There are no good Black men around anymore

It seems that way to you because the ones you meet or in your face are the craziest sons of you know what. But this is true in every culture not just the Black community. Find the ones that do good things for others. If you yourself get into good activities, you will meet the good kind. So get yourself involved in positive activities instead of bad.

4. If I say I am mixed race, it makes me look superior

Being mixed is great but we do not need to downplay our African genealogy. Because being Black is special. It is unique. So don’t hide who you are. Celebrate your race. Elevate it so others will look up to you.

5. Light-skinned is more beautiful

I have three words for you, “Get Over It.” Black women are beautiful no matter what shade of brown we are. If you are blessed with sunkissed, chocolate skin, love it and take good care of it. Not many other cultures in the world have individuals as beautiful and unique as you. And if you happen to have a lighter completion, love yourself as well.

6. I need to act and sound “White” to be accepted in corporate America.

There is nothing wrong with being a polished version of yourself, but some people feel the need to change characters when they step into the work world. Just be yourself.

7. Having a baby will keep him around.

If a man does not love you, he does not love you. Having a baby by a man who is irresponsible will only make him run further way. Grow up.

8. It’s OK to be abused (verbally/physically) as long as I have a man.

It’s better to be alone than with someone who does not love you the way you deserve. Love yourself enough to leave.

9. Education does not matter, as long as I look like a video girl.

Sure, you can get a job as a model if you’re beautiful, but you must also know how to navigate your way through the industry and once you’re past a certain age, it’s all over for you. Then what?

10. I’m not valuable.

You are a queen. Did you need to be reminded? You were born to be great. Read your history if you’re not convinced

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