Rasta Clothes For Women


If you are looking for some new clothing style that will influence the fashion industry, then it is time to try Rasta clothing.


In recent times, Rasta clothing has set a trend worldwide, and also it has become one of the most preferred fashions. It involves three colors which are green, yellow, and red. In this the green determines the importance of nature, the yellow explains peace and hope, and the final color red determines the strength. In this article, we will discuss how this Rasta clothing is setting trends in the fashion industry.

What is Rasta Culture?

Rasta style of clothing is followed from the 60’s era and this style of clothing is influenced by the Rastafarians culture. It is believed that Rasta clothing was born in 1930 and this is taken from the rejected Western and capitalistic norms.
This style is considered as the racist who is mostly followed by the Europeans, and the people who are following the Rasta culture will love to live a simple and natural life. These kinds of people will wear only the simple and natural fibers, and also they will embrace their culture in their texture of the hair.
Now, the Rasta clothing has set a trend in the fashion industry and it is followed by the people from local people to the high-paid actresses.

The Growth of Rasta Clothing Style:

Most fashion designers got influenced by the Rasta designs because of their individuality and it is full of colorful prints. So, most designers start using this Rasta style in purses, sneakers, and even in bikinis. Even many of the famous actresses got dressed in this Rasta style during their fashion show.
Most designers started to create some unique Rasta clothing, some have designed an oversized trench coat, and some have tried the style of Marley cult and island, and some designers tried this Rasta style with the dreadlocked wigs by breaking the allegations of the culture.

Is there any rule to follow while wearing Rasta Clothing?

There are certain rules to be followed if a woman is dressed in a Rasta style, and they need to follow certain rules in her dressing style, and the way of approaching others. The women who were wearing Rasta clothing will be treated equally to the queen in ancient times, and they will be equally honored.
If you are wearing Rasta clothing, then it should be in the form of a long dress, and not short dress is preferred. The dress should be in the form of loose fitted or you can also wear it in the skirt format. The deep Rasta women will follow certain rules that they don’t wear any pants, there will no adding of colors in the hair, and they should not wear any artificial make-up or cosmetic items.
Most Rasta women will prefer to have a natural look so they don’t even prefer any shiny jewelry. Even if they want to wear any jewelry then they wear the jewels which are made from wood, beads, shells, and copper. Even wearing dreadlocks is allowed, but they should not style or curl them. They can be in loose hair but when they are going out they should not let the hair in loose form, they need to tie the hair.
The wrapping of hair while going out is the most important rule followed by the Rasta women and this is because to show some respect for the high and other deep Rats women, to maintain a spiritual relationship in private, and to enhance the queen like appearance.

Rasta Clothing:

There are certain rules that Rasta clothing needs to follow, and the Rasta clothing needs three things which are the dreadlocks, its clothing style, and the colors used in the Rasta style.

• Dreadlocks

The most important part of the Rasta clothing is their hairstyle, and most people will follow the style of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are the most recognizable style of the Rasta clothing women, and the people of the Rasta culture were identified by the matted hair or dreadlocks.
It is one of their customs for both men and women to grow their hair long. The women will always cover their heads.

• Rasta Clothing Style

Even the Rasta clothing had adapted from the ancient style, but still, when it comes to the clothing style the Rasta women need to be modest, and also they should wear the Rasta clothes which are made of natural fibers. They don’t support any kind of clothing which is made from animal skin.
Some Rasta women will prefer wearing long dresses to enhance their culture and tradition. In their clothing style, they even certain symbols that will represent their cultures such as lion or imperial symbol. Also, in certain Rasta clothing, the women need to follow certain strict rules such as they should dress short or show too much of body, and they should not have any tattoos that will discourage their culture and tradition.

• Colors of Rasta

The Rasta clothing follows a lot of colors but their traditional color is considered to be green, yellow, black, and red. If they have any ceremonial events, then they even dress in white. The colors that they are following will have certain meanings. These colors may represent faith, prosperity, and sunshine. Each color represents certain things, and the block color is representing the African descended people.

Bottom Line:
Rasta clothing will determine the ancient history, and also it influences the universal beliefs. Some people say that it is a symbol of African culture, and people started to use this concept in their designs and clothes. Nowadays most designers are getting collaborated with the local people or artisans to get support for enhancing the design and style of the Rasta culture. Also, this Rasta clothing tells one simple message about the people from the millennials that they are interested in clean eating, living mindfully, and they are standing for a cause.

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