12 person camping tent – what is its purpose?

12 Person Camping Tent – What is Its Purpose

Camping is amongst the top ways to enjoy nature. People planning to go on a camping trip should be well prepared. They should arrange all the equipment beforehand. The most essential is the camping tent. People going out camping with a big group will find one big tent very suitable. How do they choose the right 12 person camping tent?

Size is a critical consideration in choosing the right 12 person camping tent

A 12 person camping tent must be spacious with ample floor space for everyone to stretch out and sleep comfortably. The tent must also have a good peak height for tall individuals to stand and walk around comfortably.


People may choose a 12-person tent with rooms and without rooms. One with rooms will be good if some campers prefer separate rooms for changing, keeping food, sleeping, etc.


People camping out are always vulnerable to rain. They must ensure that the tent they’re thinking of purchasing is waterproof so that the entire floor stays dry.

Checking the fabric rating is vital.

  • 1500mm is the minimum standard “waterproof” rating. However, this rating is sufficient for light showers
  • The upper range of 10,000 to 40,000 mm can endure pretty intense downpours

Tapered seams make tents more waterproof by covering the stitches and add-ons hemmed into the fabric.

Flaps on the windows, the doors, and zippers stop water from entering through them.

Packed Weight and Size

The average weight of a camping tent 12 person is thirty to fifty pounds. This weight includes every part of the tent. The packed size is the area that the tent occupies in a camper’s pack and indicates whether carrying the tent is easy. The ideal packed weight is one that two individuals can carry easily.

Is pitching the tent easy?

Big tents can feature folded parts. The ideal tent can be opened up and folded back easily.


A 12-person tent of nylon or polyester is excellent for moderate climates and will serve numerous seasons.

Camping site

Where people will go camping is a vital consideration, particularly if they plan to camp in intense weather. The number of poles in a tent will make it more stable against strong winds, like on beaches.

The materials should also suit the terrain where the tent is placed.

An excellent place to look for a 12 person camping tent is amazon. Below, we review some such tents available on amazon.

Skylodge™ 12-Person Instant Camping Tent

12 person camping tent – what is its purpose?

Many would like a tent they can set up real fast to get on with the fun, especially beginners. This Coleman 12-person instant cabin tent can be set up in a minute and features a Screen Room. Its pre-attached poles facilitate setup. People will spend the minimum time pitching the tent and get to enjoy it more.

Some great features of this 12 person tent Coleman are:

  • A room divider – This forms a separate area for campers to laze, sleep, keep their gear, etc.
  • The WeatherTec system – inverted and taped seams and welded corners of the rainfly and tent body will not let water enter. Campers and their equipment will get complete protection from water
  • A solid frame – It can endure winds of as much as 35 mph
  • Wide door – Campers can easily move sleeping bags, airbeds, and different equipment into and out of the tent
  • A very spacious interior – Twelve campers can stretch out the maximum, and there will still be room for them to stand and move about comfortably
  • E-port – Campers can easily use an extension cord to get electrical power

Core Lighted 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

12 person camping tent – what is its purpose?

This freestanding tent of three rooms has an en suite light system and a setup time of two minutes. The reason for this rapid setup is the frame pre-attached to this tent. Campers need to open out the package and spread out the telescopic poles. The manufacturer claims a setup time of fewer than two minutes.

This core 12 person instant cabin tent with a built-in led lighting system is the second core 12 person cabin tent.

The LED lights are fixed in the poles on the roof. The exclusive diffusing fabric of the tent scatters the light well to offer a nice uniform glow.

The LED light system has a battery compartment. Campers must place 4 D batteries in the compartment and plug the USB cord on the ceiling into the compartment. A 5V, 1A Output Rechargeable Portable Power Pack can also power the LED light system.

A switch is present against the wall. It offers three light modes of 950 Lumens, 300 Lumens, and 35 Lumens, respectively.

This 12 person tent with led lights also has:

  • A center height of 80 inch – Campers can comfortably move and walk around
  • Ample space – Campers can place six Core sleeping bags or three air mattresses for comfortable sleeping
  • Adjustable vents on the narrow ends – they allow ample cross-flow during summer nights even with the doors and windows panels closed
  • PU-coated fabric that is water-resistant and has taped seams – They do not let moisture in

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Another great 12-person camping tent from Coleman

12 person camping tent – what is its purpose?

The sunlodge™ 12-person camping tent, blue nights, is a treat for campers. This tent from Coleman is sufficiently spacious to fit twelve campers comfortably. The poles and their sleeves are color-coded, and campers can set the tent up very fast. This tent has:

  • A warranty of a year
  • Inverted and taped seams and welded corners – They make the tent absolutely water impenetrable
  • Very robust frames that endure powerful winds
  • Two high doors for easy moving of equipment into the tent and outside
  • Mesh storage pockets – campers can keep their equipment tidy and handy
  • Sizable doors for more protection against outside weather and improved airflow
  • Ground vents for good cross-ventilation
  • An E-port to attach an extension cord for allowing electrical power inside

Another excellent 12 person camping tent is a canvas tent, like the TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent. It’s ultra-durable and endures all weather conditions. It’s excellent for very forceful winds and wintertime camping. Campers who want more privacy will like a tent with two vestibules like the Eureka! Copper Canyon LX Tent.

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