Black Skin Problems Like Acne Pimple. What is the Best Solution?

Black skin problems for women, living in western countries, have an increasing amount of skin issues, in particular acne and blemishes, which are almost the norm in major cities in the United States.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, ovarian cysts, prostate diseases, obesity… the ailments that black people suffer from in western countries, is indicative of the fact that black people are living lifestyles, that encourages acne and skin problems to exist.

Eating Oily Fast Food Fried Chicken and Chinese Food Leads to Black Skin Problems

Fast food, a staple of cheap, unhealthy filth, contributes to the increase in acne and blemishes. The love of filthy, cheap Chinese food, and fried chicken, results in acne filled faces. The very lifestyle that numerous black women live, encourage the degeneration of the skin, and the resulting acne and discoloration.

How can acne and blemishes, be treated and cured in black skin when your body is full of greasy cheap diets?

It’s Time To Do Some Introspection

Is there an abundance of fast food in your diet? Do you eat processed microwaved foods often? Do you drink sugar laden drinks or alcohol regularly? These types of “food” and drink, can have a catastrophic effect on the skin, due to such high levels of grease, additives and bleached sugars, which overload the bodily system.

Blame Your Diet Not the Skin

Breakouts in the skin, are not an uncommon result of eating such foods, and the best way of mitigating the assault on your skin, would simply abstain altogether or moderate your intake.

Solution is Eating Plenty of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, cleansing water, and natural foods would need to replace the old junk foods. This creates a system, that will allow for acne to be treated, more effectively.

Black Skin Problems are a Result of Bad Lifestyle Choices

The fact that there has been a significant, increase in black women, with acne, demonstrates that it is the result of bad lifestyle choices. With an adjustment, and intake of foods that are good for black skin, will ensure that black women, can make their skins flawless.


To conclude, getting rid of acne in black skin, is as much a health issue, as it is a skincare issue. Unfortunately, it seems that black women, in the United States are more interested in bad weaves and fried chicken, than using introspection to see that the cause of bad skin really lies within. It is time for a change, and that change means looking at our lifestyle choices first.

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