Camping List – Reasons You Must Create One Before Packing Up

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Do you want to go camping with friends, family and your romantic partner? Has this been an idea in the making or spur of the moment? Either way, one of the best things to remember is to prepare.

Have you begun packing for the event with the supplies you will need or the food you would love to bring with you? If you have not done so, it is time to make a checklist. Doing so will ease your stress level when trying to figure out if you have remembered something or not. A checklist is a huge benefit.

Before you create your own checklist, get an idea what a camping checklist is supposed to contain. Really… a list can contain most anything you want to have.

Most people use the list to be sure they have all the necessary items including food and clothing. This also helps in for packing up the right kind of camping gear. The list can also contain what kind of activities you would like to do while you are camping.

When it comes to the checklist, the main benefit it serves is making sure you and others helping you to pack are not forgetting anything that may be necessary for survival for however long you decide to camp out for.

First of all, if this is not your first camping trip and you know you forgot something last time, it is a good thing to get a checklist this time. With it being made in advance, you and your friends are assured to bring enough food, drinks, snacks, clothing and other special or much needed camping equipment. This can range from tents to sleeping bags.

It is very simple creating a checklist for yourself. When you start to work on it, there are two ways to do it.

– Start the camping checklist from scratch.
Sitting down, create a list of anything you would like brought and everything you would like on your next camping excursion. Keep the list handy so should anything be thought up, it can be easily written down.

– Also, online camping checklists can be used as a guideline. These are typically free to use and easy to print right from the website.
How can this work for you? Add to this list you own ideas of what you need and don’t need. Most of the lists available on the Internet are generalized in nature so adding a bit of your personality flair. To even find these list, you will need to do an Internet search using the Yahoo Search Engine or Google Search Engine.

One of the more interesting things to do when trying to make out a camping list, is visualize what you would like to do and eat as well as fun activities associated with camping such as hiking, swimming or even singing. What will you be wearing should the weather be too hot or it gets colder?

Doing this can bring with it peace of mind that you will not forget a single thing you would like to bring including the “activities” you would like to do.

While you are doing this for yourself, you don’t need to forget that others are going out on this camping trip with you. Getting together with them can stave off any chances of forgetting a single thing. Between all of you, there should not be a single thing forgotten.

Since camping checklist are pretty easy to make, there is no reason not to make one other than you just do not want to take the time.

Create Your Own Camping List

A well organised camping checklist will make life much easier and will ensure you have all you need to make your camping trip lots of fun. You can organise your checklist per category or per subject. e.g. toiletries, first aid kit, camping gear, cooking utensils, groceries, camping clothing and camping accessories.

Writing the list

If you do a handwritten list, arrange the list with one subject-category per page for each of the subjects-categories e.g. Page 1 toiletries page 2 first aid kit. You will be able to add items to the list.


Your camping list should include, all basic toiletries and in addition you can add sunscreen, toiler paper and other accessories you think you might need.

First Aid Kit

You can buy a complete fist aid kit or you can make up a first aid kit that includes: bandages, adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads, cotton swabs, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream, scissors, tissues, tweezers and sterile compresses.

Do remember to include your prescription medication. It is always a good idea to include bee sting medication as well.

Camping Gear

Check you tent and make sure that all the ropes, pegs and a rubber hammer is part the package.

It is of at most importance to ensure that you include a gas lighter it is essential and works in all conditions. For a back up you can take along matches, newspaper or other fire starters.

Check if there is sleeping bags and pillows for every one.
Include blow up air beds, a pump and a leak repair kit.
Include battery operated lanterns which are safer to use in the tent.

Cooking Utensils

Remember to include a large spoon, tongs, a grill fork, a spatula, a pot, a pan, paper towels, paper napkins, Aluminium foil, plastic storage bags, a water jug and a can opener.

Also take plates, bowls, cups, glasses, a bowl for washing the dishes, cloth towels and eating gear.

Include in you list a BBQ/camping stove, charcoal/wood, lighter fluid a folding grill if you intend to have a BBQ.


Write a separate shopping list for food and beverages. Also plan for snacks and three meals each day you are on you camping trip

Camping Clothing

Make a note on your list to include rain gear, or a poncho in addition to your regular clothes.
Include a hat for protection from the sun.
Warm clothing even if you are camping in the summer a unexpected cold front could show.
Include old sneakers or rubber sandals for swimming in an area with a rocky or weedy bottom.
Include a pair of pants with a zip or Velcro pocket you do not want lose your car keys or wallet.

Camping accessories

Take roadmaps, a GPS, an umbrella, sewing kit, fire extinguisher, money and a debit or credit card.

You can also include cards, games, magazines, books, a radio, binoculars, camping chairs, tables, an axe for chopping, a shovel, a flashlight, extra batteries and an electrical cord with a universal socket.

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