How To Become a Spiritual Person

What does it mean to be spiritual? It means your emotions are at a high vibratory scale. Can you call a person who is always sad, depressed jealous and angry spiritual? No, because spirituality is deeply connected with how you are feeling.

So how should you go about with your life now that you know this information? Should you always be sad, angry and depressed or should you be grateful, empowered and joyful at all times? As we enter the age of Aquarius, more people are gaining knowledge and the truth is being revealed in every corner. As Hermes famously said long time ago, “as is above so below.” Will you get on board with this paradigm shift or be left behind still struggling in the 3D world?

Even though our world seems to take away our free will from us day by day so certain people can stay in power, the universal law is that we as humans and other species in the universe have a free will to act on our own accord. Will you be spiritual and guard your emotions or let the world ruin your spirituality? You have a free will to decide.

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